Destructoid | 100% Objective Review: Final Fantasy XIII

Destructoid: "A few people have claimed recently that they want completely objective and unbiased reviews lacking personal opinion. I have been criticized for using my own feelings and thoughts when writing a review, which I am informed is actually a bad way to review videogames. My latest Jimquisition video tackled this subject, but the critics didn't understand it."

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cobraagent3070d ago

Oh really?
By the way this is the most objective review i have ever read, if it can be called a review

BiggCMan3070d ago

"You might also find weapon leveling useful but that's only if you find weapon leveling useful, so whether or not you find weapon leveling useful is down to how useful you ultimately find weapon leveling."
hahaha, that was very funny.

Spenok3070d ago

Yep, this was the best part about the article.

3070d ago
HolyOrangeCows3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

"In conclusion, Final Fantasy XIII is a videogame"
LOL, Jim is a funny fellow.

But does he address the criticism that he didn't complete the game? No.

Reviewed by:

Blacktric3069d ago

Jim Sterling is like a chubby boy who made fun of regularly in high school. But instead of becoming a successful person in his late life, he became a loser we all come to know. He is just trying to prove himself funny by writing articles and making videos that contains extreme trolling that no one has ever seen.

DaTruth3069d ago

he doesn't seem to understand the idea of an objective review devoid of bias. The review would consist of a scale from one to ten for each general category and then leveled against all games equally, regardless of platform, but all categories wouldn't be held against every game(ex. lack of multiplayer not being held against single player experiences). Also, the reviewer wouldn't give one score to a multiplatform game when it is better on system A and then give two scores for a multiplatform game when it is better on system B and giving System A's version a lower score.

Leveling criticism against one game that doesn't get held against another game by the same critic is the number 1. rated problem with videogame reviews(ex. Since this game was better on PS3, the author felt biased against it)

mastiffchild3069d ago

Jim Sterling exists solely to promote Jim Sterling. Hence "Jimquisitions" and, often, reviews made artificially controversial(more attention for not so little Jimmy and his ever growing and even larger ego)and the constant need to argue with people via his articles when he should be above this kind of pedantic sniping. That the lady doth protest too much has become a little TOO obvious over the course of JS's career as he admits culpability via his overly touchy response to things which need not even be answered.

The saddest thing is he isn't devoid of talent(much as I detest myself for saying it)and he wastes it, and his wit, on articles that are always more about him than the games he's meant to talk about.

One thing:about him not speaking about not finishing the game but still reviewing it. I've done the same and admitted it and still hold that it's fair to do so. You just have to say so and say why you didn't. If a game is so bad that you gave up before the end it's VERY likely that others will too. I think if you find a game THAT bad then it's your duty to inform people of what made it so bad. It's not good game design to make a game that's so poor early on that you never reach anything better later on-esp when there's a billion games out there not making that error.

evrfighter3069d ago

yet another awesome piece by jim sterling

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rroded3070d ago

"If you buy Final Fantasy XIII and like it, then you like Final Fantasy XIII. If you buy Final Fantasy XIII and don't like it, then you don't like Final Fantasy XIII. It has things in it that some people might enjoy but other people who have different ideas of what is enjoyable may not actually enjoy it."

im guessing hes trying to b funny n failing

if destrutoid could become anymore irrelevant this would do it...

deadreckoning6663070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

I thought it ws pretty funny, its just that most people on N4G don't have a good sense of humor. Hence the people who went ape sht when GOW3 and Uncharted 2 didn't get perfect scores from GS and IGN.

Arnon3070d ago

Are people really this stupid to believe this is a serious review?

Redlogic3070d ago

you are irrelevant. get a sense of humor

IcarusOne3069d ago

I thought this was totally on-point and a great way of illustrating that there's no such thing as an "unbiased review." This would be like having a mathematical equation without mathematics.

The trick is to find the critics with tastes similar to your own. For example, for certain movies, I know I can trust Roger Ebert because his assessment of certain genres falls in line with my own. Conversely, I would never trust Christian Science Monitor on whether or not to see Predators.

Review = opinion = bias. Anyone who doesn't understand this is one of three things:
A. stupid
B. strongly and irrationally disagrees with the reviewer's opinion
C. an n4g fanboy; see also: stupid

rroded3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

who would of thought their whole staff would b on ng4 with dupes...

sigh fact is they keep putting out bogus reviews n trolling for hits while trying to say they are a real review site...

unlike a site like badjoystick that is actually funny n dont take themselves seriously

Blaine3069d ago

I find absolutely nothing funny in a "review site" that isn't able to produce unbiased reviews, and then they try to hide that fact by mocking the very concept.

The joke here isn't on Sterling's critics, and it isn't his review either; the joke here IS Jim Sterling, because he's a reviewer who doesn't even understand the concept of a review.

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iamtehpwn3070d ago

Moar liek..DestrucTroll.

evrfighter3069d ago

you must have been sittin on that one for awhile...

couldn't wait any longer to use it?

caladbolg7773070d ago

God, don't remind me that I actually bought this game. It's so fudging terrible.

Perjoss3069d ago

its not very often i buy a game, play it for many hours, get right near the end and think to myself 'f*** this s***' and give up on it. This was one of those games.

MmaFanQc3070d ago

but as soon ive seen sterling douche face, i closed the page to avoid wasting my time.

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DelbertGrady3070d ago

Kind of funny read, actually.

colonel1793070d ago

It is funny, but the author is being a smarta$$. You can have a 100% objective review and a well written one.

thor3070d ago

No review is objective. They are all subjective to a degree. They are, in essence, opinion pieces.

With that said, one should be careful not to be too subjective - i.e. if the reviewer doesn't like the genre, he shouldn't be doing the review.

HumanStark3070d ago

Art is inherently subjective.

NeutralGamer3069d ago

He shouldnt be writing the review?

More like you shouldnt read the review...

If give Uncharted 2 a 2/10 because he is a RPG fan then we all should know that we shouldnt go to his site to read reviews...

- Sry for the bad grammar -

IcarusOne3069d ago

How, in god's name, can anyone disagree with your statement?

"The sun is a star." Disagrees anyone?

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ZombieAutopsy3070d ago

Ol Jim must be needing some more hits with his cry baby articles.

edme13070d ago

Now that's what you call a great review./s