Top Ten Clichés in Video Games

Okay, I love games, but you and I both know that there are some features that seem to crop up in almost every game we play. Some would call them staples of a series, but there comes a point when one must recognize that some things have become stereotypical to a genre. Below, I list my top ten, most of which I believe you’ll be able to recognize in almost any major or popular game released.

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ndibu2950d ago

Lol lol gaming article I have read in a while. Now this is the sorta stuff we should be approving

NecrumSlavery2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )


^^^ Classic RPG

rbrtchng2950d ago

Top 10 lists that offer no journalistic value besides erecting the author's e-penis and exhibit it to the rest of the world as this self-important and egotistic display of narcism.

Max Power2950d ago

People posting that Top 10 lists are the #1 Cliche.

BiggCMan2950d ago

Reading dumb arguments with other n4g users. gets annoying after a while.

Spenok2950d ago

Lol, the sheer amount of top 10's is ridiculous lately.

pipster172950d ago

I think the #1 cliche of N4G is when people try to bash an article by using a big, fancy word like "narcissism" only to spell it horribly wrong and look like a fantastically stupid tool.

UnSelf2950d ago

whats even worst is those who correct spelling as if the original poster who you've referenced, doesn't in fact know himself that the aforementioned "big" word he/she used is in fact spelled incorrectly.

He must be the only user on this site whose misspelled words arent underlined by a brightened red line.

rbrtchng2950d ago

I'm sorry that you consider narcissism a big fancy word.

pipster172950d ago


I think you meant to say "worse", but I guess since there is no little green line to correct your grammar, you wouldn't know that.

hay2950d ago

What about people who ignore whole post essence no matter what logical it is and how much sense it makes, because of one typo?
I don't think it's cliche. They're just wankers.

It's pretty nice article. Fun read even though it's one of the many top lists lately.

Child is born every 5 to 8 seconds(probably). Talk about cliches... /sarcasm(indication for dummies)

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Akagi2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

Wow. Is this a slow news year? Do we really need another top 10 article? It's even a Wordpress blog!

2950d ago
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