Summer of Arcade 2010 Preview (RunDLC)

Years ago, summer was a barren wasteland for gaming. Companies wouldn’t dare release a triple A title in July or August, instead opting to prepare for the holiday rush. Fast forward to 2010, and publishers aren’t afraid to deliver quality games, especially Microsoft. Its Summer of Arcade, which began in 2008, features five excellent Xbox Live Arcade games, and this year’s lineup has something for everyone. To prep you for this gaming goodness, we created this quick preview guide.

Chris Buffa

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DelbertGrady3068d ago

"Years ago, summer was a barren wasteland for gaming." Not anymore, if you own a 360 that is.

Monday Night Combat looks surprisingly good. Just watched some gameplay videos of it.

EVILDEAD3603068d ago

Shadow Complex is still one of my all-time favorite experience this gen..period..

but, never since I've owned a 360 has there been this many great arcade games dropping back to back

I'm a HUGE fan of the original Hydro Thundr and can't WAIT till it drops..

Limbo looks amazing..

I'm a Tomb Raider fan for life..but Uncharted 2 Killed off Tomb Raider forever..unless they let my boys at Naughty do Lara justice..but WOW..the co-op arcade game looks like it will do the franchise more good than anything that has been released in recent past

Looks like a fun summer for Xbox arcade..


exsturminator013068d ago

for bringing attention to these arcade titles. You should do an article on PSN titles coming out this summer too. Hopefully there are at least a few, lol

Buff10443068d ago

Limbo is pretty sweet. We will review it soon.

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