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Submitted by -Mezzo- 2034d ago | opinion piece

Most Anticipated Xbox 360 Games For Christmas 2010 - Top New Xbox Titles Out This Year

Hubpages: There are some hugely anticipated Xbox 360 Games available for Christmas this year. Titles from developers like RockStar, Harmonix, Capcom, Bungie, and EA are on the slate for 2010 and gamers couldn't be more excited. (Xbox 360)

EVILDEAD360  +   2034d ago
LMAO @ mentioning Final Fantasy XIII..the boat has already sailed.

Halo Reach will chart huge from September through 2011..

Call of Duty will dominate both 360 and PS3 charts in November..can't wait for the COD: Black Ops vs. Gran Turismo battle on the PS3

Fable 3 will be a fun game for fans in October..but the lure of Fallout Vegas will be incredibly strong for 360 RPG fans

The 'band' games adding Keyboards and Strings to the guitars should be interesting..but it'll be a long shot for those games to sell like years past

The game to watch for is Crysis 2..will it have the impact that on the 360 fan base that COD has enjoyed..

Ether way..

Halo Reach + Fable 3 + Kinect + Another huge COD for the 360 Live community + Gears 3 anticipation = The biggest holiday sales potention the 360 has had in years and maybe ever

We'll see how it all goes down..

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Buller_Proofish  +   2034d ago
Halo: Reach, Fable 3 and Fallout: New Vegas are my most anticipated Xbox 360 games for the end of the year.
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TheLeprachaun  +   2034d ago
Is LA Noir even coming out this year? I haven't heard anything about it in a long long time.
Johnny_Bravo  +   2034d ago
Gamestop has it set for a September 1st release. Its Rockstar, so it will be delayed at least once, so your looking at October this year. That is, if it actually releases this year.
EVILDEAD360  +   2034d ago
Nah..that game wont be out in 2010
I'm betting it won't even be out for at least a year from now.

It got some interesting press early, but we ALL know E3 is THE time to release a game like that.

I bet it won't show till next years E3 convention. Unless somehow they decide to reveal it at one of the next two conventions.

Gamestop release dates don't matter too much..they change at the drop of a dime

-Mezzo-  +   2034d ago
Halo 3, & Fable 3, thats all Xbox 360 games i'm looking forward to this year.
SpaceSquirrel  +   2034d ago
I think you mean Halo Reach
Valay  +   2034d ago
I'm interested in Halo: Reach.
ZootALarz  +   2034d ago
Reach is obviously going to be a big seller, but I'm watching New Vegas like a hawk.
Tony-A  +   2034d ago
A lot of the games on that list are..... questionable.

Reach and Black Ops no doubt but.... K&L 2? Final Fantasy? And how much do we know about LA Noire?
oldjadedgamer  +   2034d ago
Looking forward to Reach to the most.

After being disappointed with both Fables, I'm going to wait before getting the 3rd one.
ActionBastard  +   2034d ago
Reach + Fable 3. No Kinect. Multiplats on PS3.
Seijoru  +   2034d ago
Don't forget GT5, LBP2, and SOCOM 4 for PS3.
byeGollum  +   2034d ago
I just got Alan Wake.. best 360 game I've played so far. I got my 360 for exclusive and its my secondary console. Im lookin' out for Halo:Reach, What other exclusive's coming out this year for 360?
ApexHell  +   2034d ago
fable 3
Brklynty1  +   2034d ago
anybody else notice...
all but 2 are multiplats?
coolbeans  +   2034d ago
Bear in mind
They basically folded all of the Kinect launch games into the Kinect category. Why should that be a big deal anyway? Only 3 PS3 exclusives are happening for the rest of this year as well (or hyped ones to say the least, not counting Move games either): Socom 4, LBP2, and GT5.
Counter Strike  +   2034d ago
Reach , Balck Ops and Fable 3.
My Most Wanted... in Sales will be huge Black ops vs Reach i think Black ops wins.
pustulio  +   2034d ago

I have to say that this is stunning not even one PS3 fanboy trolling this 360 article...

Maybe N4G is changing :´)
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Folezicle  +   2034d ago
Look 2 above you mate, and don't worry these articles conversations just turn into more of that..
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IKONACLYSM  +   2034d ago
Epic Lineup
Im looking forward to Crysis 2,halo reach,blazblu cs,fable 3,which btw if the E3 trailer is anything to go by we will be sailing in this one.There's more,but...cant think of them all.
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0oAngeluso0  +   2033d ago
Halo Reach will be the end all for me this year
I'll be on that from the midnight release for the foreseeable future. I'm pumped! Though I'll definitely buy Fable 3, pre-ordered Kinect already and I will get Black Ops because I love the COD franchise and this is the make or break game IMHO. If it's terrible I'm off COD for good, if it's solid then WELCOME BACK COD!

Good stuff though, something for everyone.
dizzleK  +   2033d ago
mines a tad different from the norm-

halo reach
two worlds 2
dead rising 2
CherryLu-Chan  +   2033d ago
Beyond Reach, then what?
It's interesting to note Microsoft throwing it's full weight [standing up, not sitting down, obviously ;)] behind Kinect, but I wonder where the exclusives, the big games for it's core audience are.

I'm a huge Halo nerd and am very excited for Reach, but don't see anything on the horizon that screams for the 360 alone beyond that title.

On a personal level, Lost Odyssey II would be a wonderful thing to hear news of in the next few months.
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