Endless Ocean Playtest

Nintendo Japan isn't letting up on delivering more hits like Dragon Quest Swords and Gundam MS Front 0079. The latest title to make us waggle our Wiimotes is Endless Ocean, an Arika-developed diving simulation that hit the Japanese Wii on Thursday under the Nintendo label.

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Odiah3972d ago

Nintendo needs some mike support.

djt233972d ago

Endless Ocean look very interest game. i might try play it but i am not going to buy it.

MACHone3972d ago still a much better name than "Endless Ocean," in my opinion....

Despite the large possibly that a "game" that's nothing but scuba-diving and fish petting will be incredibly boring, there's still something alluring about this title. I'm definitely gonna give it a rent.

MadMax3971d ago

This will be a must buy for the Wii, especially if your a fan of the ocean. Looks incredible