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The making of Splinter Cell: Conviction

GamesRadar: On a cold morning in January 2008, Maxime Beland entered Ubisoft’s Montreal studio, swiping his way through layer after layer of security, and sat down to begin work on Splinter Cell Conviction. Beland had wrapped up his work on Assassin’s Creed in the previous November and would be joining his colleague and new Conviction producer Alexandre Parizeau as Creative Director on a project in trouble. (PC, Splinter Cell: Conviction, Xbox 360)

-Mezzo-  +   1811d ago
Damn, this game was good, but there's no denying that it could/should have been so much more.
jazzking2001  +   1811d ago
but um how old was the game again?
NecrumSlavery  +   1811d ago
I loved the first SC. But the series got progressively worse until Chaos Theory. This one was good though. The Co-op was challenging and fun. The SP was good, with good gameplay. I like the Arkham combat, where it goes stealth to action and back on the fly...sort of. One thing that killed the series for me was bumping into a table and knocking a soda can over only to FAIL from making noise. SCC gives you a chance at redemption/reorganize and escape. Definitely not as fluid or pretty as I thought the game would of been. And the 24 influence wasn't a plus. Didn't play DenOps But it's still a solid 8/10
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Imperator  +   1811d ago
My main complaint was the length of the SP campaign. The gameplay was good and the story was interesting. I just wish it had been longer. I'd say it's a good rental/$40 game.
kissmeimgreek  +   1811d ago
just bought it for 30 bucks on amazon haha. hope its worth it
Imperator  +   1811d ago
For 30 bucks you won't regret it.
Inside_out  +   1810d ago
I loved the game. Bought it day one and will never sell it. I hope that part 2 come out next year.

For those who have not had a chance to try it, the demo is still up on XBL and is one of the most popular downloads. Here is the Demo walkthrough the Ubisoft released...

Here's the Assault version...


Here's the stealth version...


Here's a couple of slo-mo takedowns from the Demo...


The game is 8+ hours on realistic, which is the only mode I played it on. Add co-op and multi-player, a great story and awesome music/sound and you have the complete package. Few games this year offered the replay ability of Splinter Cell Conviction. All that footage above is from the demo. The entire game offers countless ways to take out waves/rooms/levels of enemies. It really is a huge stealth/action sandbox. It's up to YOU to decide how you want to attack each level.
chak_  +   1811d ago
take SC 1, 2, 3. Mix it.

Add useless extra-violence. Dumb it down

TADAAAAAAAA, a fresh new crappy splinter.

back to the root ubi please
-Mezzo-  +   1811d ago
Either Way, it was a good game, but i was disappointed by the Length of Single Play Campaign.
RememberThe357  +   1811d ago
My thoughts exactly.
SpaceSquirrel  +   1811d ago
The co-op mode was great.
PaPa-Slam  +   1811d ago
It had no replay value.
Valay  +   1811d ago
Still was a good game.
-Mezzo-  +   1811d ago
what Valay said.
Johnny_Bravo  +   1811d ago
No replay value? Deniable Ops had TONS of replay value, not to mention the co-op story.
spektical  +   1811d ago
wasnt SCC, Alan Wake and Crackdown2 supposed to be killers?

i mean cmon even SCC a shooter didnt do well as anticipated.. and i cant believe 360 fans are passing up on Alan Wake for COD..
Cold 2000  +   1811d ago
SCC and Alan Wake were great games and scored both in the 80's.

If thats bad then I guess except for GOW3 every PS3 exclusive this year sucks hard then.

COD will outsell tenfold any 360 or PS3 exclusive any day of the week simply because its COD.
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jetlian  +   1811d ago
IS SITTING AT 2 MILLION which is average for SC
ranmafandude  +   1811d ago
i never played nor bought a splinter cell game before. maybe i should buy splinter cell: conviction i guess.
dktxx2  +   1811d ago
try chaos theory. thats the best one.
UnRated  +   1811d ago
Just because it's the best doesn't mean he will enjoy it. The older Splinter Cell games are niche despite being very popular; not everyone likes the slow placed gameplay. Try Conviction first and then see if you actually like the stealth aspect of it.

Conviction is a very good game IMO, and I can't wait to see what they do with the next one.
lonix  +   1811d ago
This game was
Pretty sucky
lh_swe  +   1811d ago
To each his own.
But I doubt that goes for you as you in fact probably don't even own the game, I may be wrong but from your comment history I don't doubt that I'm right on the money.

Splinter Cell Conviction was a good game that suffered from time and money issues and they unfortunatly reflect in the quality of the game, no doubt incredible value for $30-40 just not more than that.
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solidboss  +   1811d ago
theEnemy  +   1811d ago
this game
is so easy, it's not even funny.


Good game IMO.
Hades1337  +   1811d ago
There's no doubting that the game is great, but it is too easy, even on the realistic setting. I guess it was a fair trade off for the amount of fun you can have with it though.
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Human Analog  +   1810d ago
The only complaint I had for the game was the black and white transitions while hiding. It made a lot of darker places hard to see. I would like to think Sam Fisher would have some kind of night vision tech available. The sonar goggles are good for seeing through walls, but thier constant glitching/static inhibit use for movement over long periods of stealth.
Human Analog  +   1810d ago
Reply Addendum...
... I forgot to mention that it is really a bad design choice to not let you move dead bodies away from sight. Theif Deadly Shadows had it years ago on the old Xbox.
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writersblock  +   1810d ago
The game is awesome
It just bugged me how the stealth concept was... well,not gone, but changed so much

It was still about taking people out from the shadows, but now its not as a ghost taking the person, interrogating them and hiding the body. Taking them out one by one or dropping a whole grouo

Now its more like go in shadows, position yourself well then try and take out all the people in the most effieicent way so you dont get sprayed at

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