Gran Turismo 5 Doesn't Need DLC (RunDLC)

Yesterday, a colleague of mine made the argument for Gran Turismo 5 having downloadable content, despite Sony’s decision against it. Although he made some great points (a lack of new cars, GT6 won’t appear for a few years), there’s no point in releasing DLC for what should be the most complete racer in video game history. Here’s why GT5 fans don’t need it.

John Artest

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Joule3069d ago

Probably doesn't but its welcome.

Larry L3069d ago

I feel that the MAIN game.... the classic Gran Turismo part of the game won't need DLC. It's going to be PACKED with tons of cars, and I have GT PSP and that has over 30 unique tracks, and some have additional layouts, so GT5 I'm sure will have at least all the same tracks as GT PSP, which is alot in itself.

BUT, that being said, I think where GT5 WILL absolutley (imo) NEED DLC for me is the NASCAR portion of the game.

The NASCAR portion of the game is REALLY lacking content. Not many drivers, and more negatively, there's absolutely NO NASCAR tracks in the game besides Daytona and Indy. Now sure, if there really is a track editor, making any of the oval tracks certainly wouldn't be THAT hard, but there are some tracks I don't think anyone would be able to get perfect with an editor, particularly Watkin's Glen and Infineon, and also 3 favorite tracks. And it would also be pretty hard and maybe impossible to make the steeply banked tracks like say Bristol. GT5 NEEDS more NASCAR tracks.

It needs more drivers as well. It especially makes no sense to not have Denny Hamlin in the game, when he's THE video game guy. I used to race online with him on NASCAR 05 and 06 all the time. In fact in his rookie year in Cup, he won his first race at Pocono, one of the hardest, most skill based tracks in NASCAR, having NEVER been on the track in his life previously. And in the interview he gave all the credit to the game teaching him the perfect line, brake and acceleration points. He should have been the FIRST guy in GT5 after the few huge superstars like Johnson Gordon and *GAG* Jr..... certainly before Lagano.

Anyway, this rant has gone on long enough.

I_find_it_funny3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

there is no need for stupid news websites, yet they exsit.

//Nascar? who cares about something so stupid and pointless like nascar. GT5 doesnt need more of anything nascar related, I'd say WRC yes, WRC is real racing.

Larry L3068d ago

I guess you completely uninformed and ignorant opinion trumps all.

You are obviously without a clue about racing or cars in general.

Aside from WRC, NASCAR is the toughest and most skill based 4 wheeled automobile racing in the world, and that's a fact. Only the ignorant or uninformed would think otherwise.

All you have to do is look at all the Indy, F1 and Trans Am racers that have come over to NASCAR. And they can't hang at all. Juan Pablo Montoya...... considered one of the greatest race car drivers in the world comes to NASCAR and three years laters he's JUST starting to be able to handle these REAL, beasts of a car. NASCAR is REAL cars that take real skill. 100% mechanical. And when these drivers who are now in NASCAR are asked why they stay in NASCAR when they have SO much more success driving other types of cars, their answers are always the same. Because they care more about the challenge of testing their driving skill, and NASCAR is the toughest racing challenge on the planet.

Get informed if you want to at least PRETEND to be a racing fan.

PirateThom3068d ago

I used to be in the "turn left/right" camp... but if you actually look into the sport and break it down, NASCAR is very intense, very technical endurance racing.

I'd still rather watch WRC (or F1 or Super GT), but to call a sport like NASCAR stupid or pointless... I dunno, it doesn't really sit well with me anymore, those guys are incredibly fit, dedicated and focused. You couldn't race like that unless you were.

Larry L3068d ago

It also has to be said, because so many people seem to think NASCAR racers only turn left, they also go to road corses as well. Watkin's Glen and Infineon. And most NASCAR fans, including myself really feel they should go to one or two more. At least one in the "Chase". Because if you are going to have what is basically a 10 race "playoffs" to determine the Champion, they should have to race on EVERY type of track. NASCAR deffinitely needs to add a road course to "The Chase" at least.

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BubblesDAVERAGE3068d ago

not some half ass game then charging for the rest..

Greywulf3068d ago (Edited 3068d ago )

Not Forza.

soulraver3068d ago

Hahahah i had to log in to say this is the funniest comment i have read all day

Immortal3213068d ago

Now that I know Mclaren f1 is in the game, I don't need another racing game till the next gt.

plus it have costume soundtracks! you already know I'm getting it.

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Buff10443069d ago

I guess....but I don't think I will even drive every single car in this game. There are so many.

Focker-4203069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Over a thousand cars and a track editor, we don't need it. I'll be trying to collect cars all the way up until the PS4.

psman0123069d ago

Wow! I didnt even know there was a track editor! Damn, how did I not know that!?

Buff10443069d ago

Man...I still remember the first GT on PSOne. Replays looked sick.

zootang3069d ago

I remember not being able to drive and I thought that the game sucked. Then I learned how to drive and then played it again and I was amazed. I couldn't believe I thought the game was pants because i couldn't play it. I just didn't understand driving physics.

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