Save Big w/ $29/39 Games at Best Buy This Week (7/18)

Best Buy has been slackin' with deals the past few weeks, but I think they've made up for it this time around. In this weeks weekly ad, they have discounted a lot of great titles and the discounts range from $10-20 off, with games as low as $29.99.

Sony systems are also having nice deals this week, with a nice PS3 package deal and a buy 2, get one free with PSP titles.

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NothingToGainButLove3072d ago

Why you got a disagree is beyond me.
That's a pretty good selection of titles. Most people probably wouldn't pay full price for them so maybe the deal is sweetened.

Qui-Gon Jim3073d ago

I want to get that at some point, but i have such a backlog right now. When i finish with Demon's Souls, I move on to Dragon Age. By the time i'm done with those, FF XIII might be down to $30.

drdre743073d ago

AMazon is cheaper this is no real deal. I got FF13 FOR 28 ON amazon this week and i had a $20 credit so I paid 8 bucks for it.

Spydiggity3073d ago

you got swindled, my friend.

Spenok3073d ago

Eh, nothing to special.

Sarcasm3073d ago

Woo finally bfbc2. I can get it for $30 cause i have a $10 gift card.

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The story is too old to be commented.