Gameloft steals from Pokémon: First Video of Crystal Monsters

Gameloft is well known to steal video game concepts and bring out their own copies. The next game will be Crystal Monsters a fully worked out Pokémon clone that shall have 20 hours of gameplay and over 150 animals to catch.

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Miroque2479d ago

That is a more than perky copy of Pokémon... Even some animals from the screenshots look like Pokémon.

franktheprankreturns2479d ago

Well I like the idea of Gameloft. Why not "steal" from original games and sell them for cheap? If the copy is good quality. A least Soul of Darkness was sometimes even better than the original Castlevanias for DS.

Rush2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

Actually it has a closer resemblance to Medabots on the GBA, which is amazing looks like it's ripping of both them titles.

Sorano2479d ago

Me too. I like Gameloft. They bring great iPhone games and it is good that their cloning policy is coming to PSP Minis and DSiWare as well. Sure they will quit as soon as they lose their first lawsuit...

ChronoJoe2479d ago

They're careful what they do, so as not infindge any copyright. And the games they produce are of good quality.

If I had a DS, I'd probably buy this. It looks like it has better production values than the Pokemon games, nowadays.

DORMIN2479d ago

I was hoping this was an iPhone game =(

I've always wanted to play a pokemon game on the platform without having to download an emulator.

MmaFanQc2478d ago

isnt all the fps a copy of wolfenstein3d?

portablegaming2479d ago

Why would anyone want to put his face on a Pokémon via camera? That is just weird.

AlanarWindblade2479d ago

May be weird, but in a funny way, if you ask me.^^

Solidus187-SCMilk2479d ago (Edited 2479d ago )

and put it on a fake dog like pokemon.

You were supposed to be able to put faces from the gameboy camera onto the n64 perfect dark multiplayer skins, but they left that out.

I think its funny, but I will never play this game.

lilmetal2479d ago

What use is it playing a Pokemon clone when you can just play Pokemon?
I mean, it's on the same damn system...

Sorano2479d ago

Well it is 5 Buck vs 40 Bucks. You decide.

portablegaming2479d ago

Well it is a quick download. Same concept as the past cell phone games. Buy it, if it is cheap, if it is good you will buy more, if it sucks you will hate Gameloft.

Nibbler2479d ago

wow thats a very obvious copy of pkm, lets hope it doesn't happen something like in the past days...giana sisters anyone?

Bocanegra2479d ago

I want somebody to copy the mechanics of pokemon but have an interesting world with cool creatures. Maybe have some customization features in there too (like using experience to sharpen claws or build wing strength).

Sorano2479d ago

It has been done before and is called Dragon Quest Monsters: Jokers 1 & 2. Breedable Boss characters, x-breeding, cool characters and more.

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The story is too old to be commented.