Aeropause | Singularity (PC) Review

Aeropause: "You play as Captain Nathaniel Renko, a Special Forces operative, and, after the explanatory intro cinematic about the island you’re on, Katorga-12, site of some rather dodgy Russian experiments, find yourself sitting in a helicopter, with your teammate telling you how easy this is going to be. Big mistake. Some time-pulse goes off, your helicopter crashes, and you find yourself in a derelict settlement. You wander into a building, where another time pulse sends you back to 1955, where you change time, and you spend the rest of the game trying to put it right."

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ElementX3044d ago

I'm playing Singularity on PS3 and today was the first time I actually put significant time into it. I've upgraded my TMD and got some perks and it's getting really good!

3044d ago