WOW -- NES Sells For $50,000

The other day, HBG spotted an NES and 42 games on ebay that was listed for the insanely high buy it now price of $35,000. The NES bundle came with nothing too spectacular, but the seller was asking for help to pay some bills and stop living paycheck to paycheck. The seller also claimed that his NES was his most prized possession

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Scottyabanks2741d ago

haha, me too! and ill be sure to include a really long sap story about how bad my credit is and how much money i owe people.

Legosz2740d ago

Wait 50 years. That is my plan. Then I will sell my Nintendo and Super Nintendo and rule the world!

Mmmkay2740d ago

I sold my horse last week. Healthy profit. Gonna sell the boat next.

Alvadr2741d ago

Rubbish - I just checked Ebay and one just sold for £21 ($35) with 4 games and 2 controllers.

Hideo_Kojima2740d ago

is there any chance this was done to get site views and the owner bidded on his own product?

fatstarr2740d ago

did the buyer actually pay?

Dac2u2740d ago

No, these types of auctions happen all the time. Someone puts something up as a joke and the bids start flying. In the end, no one pays.

gunnerforlife2740d ago

i got a NES and 40 games up for auction and i need 2 pay for my 15 year old daughter eyes surgery otherwise shes gone go blind please some1 help me out here :( im 20 by the way >_<

Danteh2740d ago

holy shit gunnerforlife you impregnated a woman when you were 5 years old?

fucking awesome dude that has to be a new record lol s/

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Nitrowolf22741d ago

wow my bro has one
he should pay he college with this money

Terarmzar2741d ago

Me 2 i got the gray zapper with 2 regular controller and 1 very large one lol and have 18 games ( There a Link/Zelda game with a gold cartridge is that rare?)
Black cases for every game and with every Manual included.

PS3ROCKS2741d ago (Edited 2741d ago )

I got 5 NES and 100 games selling for $300,000 on ebay. Help me out I need money.

MariaHelFutura2741d ago

I`m gonna put my Genesis and my Dreamcast up aswell.

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The story is too old to be commented.