GTA 5 Graphic Lookout Part Two: Amazing Panorama Shots and Videos

Videogameszone published !239! marvellous Screenshots and two impressive Videos from the ENB Series Mod for Grand Theft Auto 4.

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Terarmzar2837d ago

That looks like GTA 4...
I would be very happy if they made a San Andreas remake in HD

inveni02837d ago

Don't you wonder why they don't make these games like this in the first place? It's the same with Crysis. I few tweaks to the ToD settings, and Crysis looks insanely better. You'd think these guys making these games would just make it perfect the first time when it's so easy to do.

Conloles2837d ago

Bu bu but console power can do this

phosphor1122837d ago

The title is completely wrong. It's not GTA5, it's GTA4 with ENB Series mod. I hate how people not only don't read anything from these articles but they just click approve. Lets keep in mind that GTA5 hasn't been announced. If anything we'd be seeing footage of Agent.

cryymoar2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

I was just talking about San Andreas yesterday.

There have only been two games in my life that I had super high replay value.

GTA: San Andreas and Starcraft!

And till this day, I can play them like there's no tomorrow!

gtamike2837d ago

GTA San Andreas 2 please!
Also make sure it's not as bas as GTA4...

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Ares84PS32837d ago

What GTA5 MIGHT look like.

It's GTA4 though.

chak_2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

whatever happen or whichever engine they use, I want bicycle back in GTA 5 !

I would have so much liked pedaling in liberty city :'(

kevnb2837d ago

just not enough power in the consoles.

spandexxking2837d ago

can we ban these german websites, they take forever to load and post false infomation.

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The story is too old to be commented.