Games Coverage Is Terrible - Here's How I'd Fix It

Ex: The blogs that many gamers rely on are notorious for misrepresenting clear facts so as to create clicks, blowing small issues out of proportion, and filling in the gaps on a slow news day with photos of underage schoolgirls holding games consoles, New Super Mario Bros. shampoo, or other nonsense only loosely based on gaming (or not at all) that happens to enter the blogger's mind. All of this is done under the pretense that "readers will find it interesting."

Well, not all of us do; Ben Paddon, author of the Games Journalists Are Incompetent Fuckwits has proven with his ever-increasing audience of gamers and industry insiders who are sick and tired of the poor-quality reporting that plagues the industry. He's proven that those unhappy with games journalism may be a minority, but a sizable one.

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rockleex3045d ago

Opinions 4 Gamers.

Its funny how NeoGAF is a more reliable source of news than most of the sites that appear on N4G...

*cough* GamesThirst *cough*
*cough* GoFanboy *cough*
*cough* HipHopGamer *cough*

Oh man, I think I got the coughs today. >_<