bitsofjoy: Amazing looking free-to-play co-op shooter from Valve? Yes please.

Trailer for Valve's new free-to-play top-down shooter Alien Swarm.

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spaceindaver3073d ago

This looks better than that Team 17 game they just released (Alien Breed was it?), and it's effing FREE!

SO excited. Two days!

HolyOrangeCows3072d ago

Looks like your average boring top-down shooter to me.

Conloles3072d ago

HolyOrange is jealous because his Ps3 doesn't get great free games.

evrfighter3072d ago

"Looks like your average boring top-down shooter to me. "

in other words. "wahhhh I wish my console masters would give me free stuff"

pixelsword3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

flow was free, ad so was Rag Doll Kung Fu and they were pretty fun games; and with steam coming on the PS3, I think whatever advantages steam gave the PC, the PS3 will now have.

evrfighter3072d ago

you mean steamcloud?

do you even know the difference?

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HeroXIV3073d ago

Damn Valve, I love you guys!

chak_3073d ago

count me in. Roll on monday, and thanks you valve !

Darkstorn3072d ago

About time Valve stopped making mods (albeit brilliant ones) and created a new IP. This looks excellent!

I still think it would work well on PSN/XBL. Then again, it will probably come to console at some point in the future.

Proxy3072d ago

I'm sure it was built fairly easily on their flexible Source game engine. It's not much different than a mod in that respect. I think it must be free in order to increase Steam saturation in the market, they want every gamer to have Steam installed and use it.

I doubt it would be free on consoles because it would take considerable work to port it (just my guess). Consider their two reasons for making it: (1) it promotes Steam, and (2) it was fairly easy to make. Neither of these reasons holds true on the consoles.

I agree it would be great on XBL and PSN though, I just don't think they will do it for free. Although perhaps they can work out something with Steam coming to PSN, depending on what that all involves.

ThanatosDMC3072d ago

Actually, this game had to be free. You could play the UT2004 mod of the game years ago but the developers stop making campaign for it when they wanted to put it on the Source engine.

If it's better than their first game, then this one will be amazing. I hope we can stil weld the doors shut and lay down auto-turrets and make the other "classes" playable. In the Alien Swarm Sigma Campaign only the engineers and the two minigun carrying were worth taking as your sqaud. I wonder if they'll have AI teammates again...

HaVoK3083072d ago

It is my hope that someday Publishers take a look at Valve and see what they are doing right. There are reasons Valve never worries about losing customers and piracy while still making a good profit. If only they could swallow their arrogant pride and follow in their footsteps.

Alien Swarm looks excellent! Cant wait till Monday!

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The story is too old to be commented.