Gran Turismo 5: Video shows Particle Effects

A new gameplay video of Gran Turismo 5 shows particle effects (at minute 1:20)

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Hotel_Moscow2955d ago (Edited 2955d ago )

was that britney spears music

and again at 1:49 does it show particle effects

rockleex2954d ago

Amazing how the dirt gets kicked up.

Redrum0592954d ago

this article is actualy old.

phosphor1122954d ago

once again, this site posts "new videos" that has had up for weeks.

Not to mention this site doesn't like to source videos (or allow you to watch the original video from youtube). It's frustrating.

Donny2955d ago

release it already, i want this game bad

MariaHelFutura2955d ago

I love you Polyphony, I can`t wait to get this Plat.

NastyLeftHook2955d ago

me neither, gonna take a long time with all of those cars though i bet

awesomeperson2955d ago

Ahhh it hurts waiting for Gt5, IT HURTSSS

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The story is too old to be commented.