Crysis 2: Screenshot Blowout

Some brand new screenshots of Crysis 2.

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zeksta3072d ago

I don't know if these screens are something to get happy about, IMO the game still doesn't look polished enough, i can see soo many Jaggies it's not funny.

inveni03072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Agreed. I was going to comment, "Is it just me, or does this game get less impressive with the more they show?"

And what happened to the 16km draw distance from Crysis? Their engine has totally been gimped for consoles. Imagine what they could have done by going PC only (not that I would invest in the rig to run it).

IMO, Crytek should have left console gaming to those that have mastered it.

OpenGL3072d ago

I suspect that Crysis 2 will look fantastic on the PC, while only looking "decent" on consoles, as Crytek does not have a lot experience on those platforms. I'm interested in seeing how this looks and runs on my Radeon 5870. If Crysis does a good enough job on the PC version, maybe I'll be able to play it on my Mobility Radeon 5650 equipped laptop as well.

talltony3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

You say it has been gimped for consoles but at the same time its not the best looking console game.
Like you said
"IMO, Crytek should have left console gaming to those that have mastered it."

I agree with this because with the requirments for crysis 1 it seems to me that they are not that good working with a limited set resources.

HolyOrangeCows3072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )
If this is a console version, well, SOME of the textures look exceptional, at least.
...but some of the character models look a little sub par.
...and there is some inconsistency.

Some fair draw distance, though.

ABizzel13072d ago

I think the problem with Crysis 2 is that it has no art direction. Crytech went for the same realism that the PC games have, and it doesn't work on consoles without years of development. Gran Turismo 5 is a perfect example, realistic graphics but nearly 5 years of development.

As a result, graphically Crysis 2 looks like a generic FPS, but the best looking.

inveni03072d ago

I agree about the first part. I don't agree that Crysis 2 is shaping up to be the best looking "realistic" FPS, though. Everything about it screams average. Besides, they can do art design AND realistic. Just look at KZ2.

ABizzel13072d ago

I knew my comment would throw some people off.

I don't think Crysis is the best looking FPS, I think it's the best looking of the generic FPS's. You generic games are usually mediocre with one spin on the gameplay, that's how I see Crysis 2 the best of the generic FPS's with the spin being great graphics.

Double Toasted3072d ago

I don't see any jaggies. May I recommend Windows 7 or even Vista.

DeathMetal3072d ago

Looks good and console owners talking about jaggies is funny all your games have them

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Bhai3072d ago

There really is nothing special about this game that it got hyped sooo much. Yeah the so mild and mediocre Crysis1 is at the back, that only "looked" really great on multi-hundred $s GPUs only so everybody is anticipating to sky and vegetation had a big hand in making its popularity known but I guess this part will simply translate for everyone that finally Crysis is no good for other than trees and vegetation renderings.

MGRogue20173072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Pictures are horse shit..

Gameplay footage is where this game really shines.. Just imagine what it'll look like on your very own HDTV running at 720p, Oooooh Boy! Thas' gonna be something, eh? :D

Ares84PS33072d ago (Edited 3072d ago )

Why can't they just put us in some forest/mountain area...or back to the tropics with Cities and army bases???

Belasco3072d ago

Or zero G combat, on the moon or something, ANYTHING. God I am tired of this look.

Nihilism3072d ago

Looking forward to this, I get the feeling like it will be delayed until me crazy but we really haven't seen/heard that much about it, just a few gameplay clips. They haven't demoed the PC version or even annoucned it's feature...funny if the PC version was delayed until next year and the console versions weren't I personally wouldn't car but i'm sure a lot of PC gamers would be pissed.

I'll have my new video card by then, and a new mouse on the cards. As Borat says VERY NICE!!

webeblazing3072d ago

yea its really sad how they aint showing the pc version i been waiting to see how it look 4 the longest. and its crazy cause i didnt gun customization on the fly like on the first one

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