This Generation's "It's So Good It Hurts"

PSXExtreme Writes:
I must apologize. In looking at the title, one might expect something more than a generic "favorite games of the generation so far" article but in fact, that's exactly what this is. I typically try to be a bit more original and/or thoughtful with the weekly editorial but I dunno...maybe it's the heat.

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8800gtx3047d ago

The marketing sure has been done very well.


Cloudberry3047d ago

My wallet......... : (

tdogchristy903047d ago

I couldn't agree more. This generation is so "perfect" to me at least, and for someone who's getting ready for grad school and is just kind of moving away from gaming.....this is a great generation to go out on, it's so good I could just stock up a great library of games and keep my ps3/360 as like my own little arcade without jumping onto the next generation of consoles.

Bell Boy3047d ago

why do you feel the need to move away from gaming because your going to grad school?

I like many others have been gaming since the very 1st consoles hit the market, as the market as matured thankfully so have the real reason to stop gaming as hobby no matter what your age.

tdogchristy903047d ago

I don't feel a need, it's just more of a time issue and having enough of it. Kind of picking your battles in life, and well eventually job, school, and rent payments will win lol.

LordStig3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

All ps3 exclusives. notice that,

Areeb113047d ago

i think god of war should be atleast on the 2nd spot. granted that people just love pop-corn flicks such as Uncharted... ergo, it being number 1.