PSP Slim 3000 Receives a Price Drop [Limited Time]

With games such as Persona 3 Portable and Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep coming this Fall, now is the time to get yourself a new PSP Slim 3000 at a very low price.

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MightyMark4272985d ago

The only game I'm waiting for on the PSP is Kingdom Hearts... :(

Newtype2985d ago

20 bucks???? that's not a price drop.

Playerz82985d ago

Ya, that's not a price drop at all. Where's my PSP2???

Xulap2985d ago

Oh, no. It's not a price-drop.. They're raising the price by discounting $20 off the price!

No, but seriously, guys... If this is not a price-drop, can you tell me what this is?

theballa1130922985d ago

Haha yeah true.

Doesn't matter if its $1 or $100. It's STILL a price drop. So yeah be happy.

tyrok3k2985d ago

It's not a price drop if it is for a limited time. Most people would call that a sale.

coolasj2985d ago

TGS before I rebuy my PSP. Its held up very nicely but its just not new anymore. If nothing is announced there you guys have to wait for E3 again.

ndibu2985d ago

They'll need alot more than that to compete with the DS...but it is a good start

2985d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.