Call of Duty Online: Would you pay for it?

On the plus side of things, a standalone fee for playing Modern Warfare online could result in steady updates for the game and free content – namely extra maps and new weapons as an example, but would there be guarantees on constant bug fixes?

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Anon19743076d ago

Yes I would. Wait. It's not opposite day? Sorry.

Not a chance. There are plenty of great shooters out there to play online. I'd just move to one of the others. Call of Duty is fun, but they're pretty arrogant if they think their experience is that much better than the other guys that it's worth charging extra.

Venatus-Deus3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Only if the special edition came with 3 grams of coke and a couple of high class whores.

ajeben8093076d ago

no fucking way ide pay for online they already over charge for the game itself

Umbrella Corp3076d ago

Yes Call of Nooby is teh greatest game supa dupa hardcore with its auto aim.
Whoever does pay for this is a gloryhole and Activision is gonna penetrate you HARD AND RAW.

captain-obvious3076d ago

why the fuck should i pay if its peer to peer ???

AC130-Gunship3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

Paying a subscription fee for COD multiplayer doesn't seem to be financial sustainable model. I believe the quality will go down in the product overall. We've already witnessed Activision pushing the gimped "Stimulus Package" DLC containing maps from Modern Warefare. Gamers expect quality releases and good value for their dollars. The cost model to provide quality DLC consistently would be to high therefore causing higher rates for subscription fees. Throwing map packs together does not make sense today, word gets out real quick on quality therefore hampering sales. I imagine a scenario where Activision would charge around $8.00 per month to play (+ the cost of XBL $50.00) that would cost a player $140.00 per year to play COD. Where as now you pay your $59.00 and possible 3 maps (even at $15.00) is only $104.00.

AC130-Gunship3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

$140 - $155.00 plus XBL for Multiplayer is around $205.00 just to play for a year. It would cost $146.00 for each additional year to play COD. $104.00 is a better value.

morganfell3075d ago

This is what we have to deal with when some people think that pay to play online is an okay thing.

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SnuggleBandit3076d ago

No frickin way...i will never pay for online, ever...thats the only reason why i dont own a 360

Donny3076d ago (Edited 3076d ago )

hell no

shoddy3076d ago

I wouldn't pay for any monthly fees to play games.
I got use to get it free.

r1sh123076d ago

yep...I wouldnt pay for call of duty ever.
Especially seeing the complete sh*t that got released when MW2 was out.
Hmmm a game that isnt finished and doesnt work.
No thanks Activision.
I hate activision

BattleAxe3075d ago

I love CoD, but no I wouldn't pay.

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Whiteford883076d ago

Totally. Because I don't have shooters like BF: BC2 and Killzone 2 ect to play which is free.
Hell, why don't they charge me 50c per hour?

danswayuk3076d ago

No chance, we pay enough already

bioshock12213076d ago

I know people are saying No but if it does happen I wouldn't be surprised to see people pay for it. People said they were done with COD after the whole Infinity Ward thing happened and yet look at the pre order numbers for Call Of Duty black ops its still looking like its going to sell huge.

CrippleH3076d ago

Those people can keep paying and deserve to keep that experience. If they are that stupid go ahead and pay monthly for a game with a yearly release.