Can games be considered art?

Every aspect of media ultimately faces a challenge: is the media just media or does it transcend itself and become art? Music, cinema, literature, even art itself gets questioned. The latest form to be tested is the video game. Gaming has achieved a level of mainstream success that was unexpected but not unprecedented. All forms of media are met with doubt and, regretfully, derision when they infiltrate popular culture.

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knifefight3074d ago

Man, gettin' kinda sick of hearing about this debate three times a day.

HolyOrangeCows3073d ago

It's a dead horse, let's stop beating it.

Ebert already admitted that he shouldn't have said anything because he's an ignorant old fart who will never even listen to the arguments FOR video games being art.

Video Games CAN be art.
End of story.

omodis4203073d ago

What are you guys the opinion police?! If you don't want to read it why click on it? It really is that simple. Just by clicking on the article you are supporting it.

imoutofthecontest3073d ago

Then let me rephrase it: "I'm tired of seeing my screen clogged by so many opinion pieces on this same topic, usually about this same guy, as has been happening for like a year since he made his remarks."

Sorry man, it's not a matter of "If you don't like it, don't click it." It's still stuffing the index of the site and still pushing newer, fresh content to Page 2 in quick fashion. When it's something like this, of which I feel like I've read both sides 50 times each and no time has passed, that gets annoying.

Raypture3073d ago

Depends on your definition of art as it has never been clearly defined and has been debated for hundreds of years, literally.