MMORPG: Five Reasons to be Wary of The Old Republic

Last week, Bill Murphy penned his Five Reasons to be Stoked for The Old Republic. The List generated a lot of feedback. This week, Bill takes the converse role in his latest List: Five Reasons to be Wary of The Old Republic.

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Darkfiber3076d ago

Right on the money with this. These are the same exact problems I've been seeing with the game. It seems everyone else is to blinded by the glitz and glamor of a high profile Star Wars Bioware MMO to realize them too. That's fanboys for ya.

It does just look like it's going to be sci-fi WoW with voice acting. The combat is WAY too reminiscent of that. Obviously WoW wasn't the first to do that style of (boring as shit) combat, but I strongly believe that if it wasn't for WoW, they might have done something different with it since they are trying to do "something different" to the MMO genre. They keep saying that, but I don't think they really are. I mean, they are focusing on voice over as their main bullet point in an MMO game. VOICE OVER. That has nothing to do with the MMO experience at all. How does that make combat good? Or gameplay? Or add depth to it? I'm really worried that this game will seriously lack content because they think that adding tons of voice acting will artificially inflate gameplay time so it FEELS like you're playing the game a lot longer than you actually are.

I'm looking forward to trying it out but I am very weary. I am not one of those freaks saying this is the best game ever made blah blah blah when they haven't even tried it. I guarantee at least half the people saying that have never played an MMO in their lives, or played WoW for a week and realized how boring the combat is, and for some reason think that this will be different. I got news for ya, it wont. Just because you can actually SEE your jedi deflect shots doesn't mean you have any control over it. It's a stat based MMO, you have no direct control over your character in an action combat sense of the word. You want action? Go check out TERA.