GameStop Power Saver Sale: Up to 50% off new and used games (7/18-8/8)

Starting July 18 and ending August 8th, GameStop is having a massive sale on a long list of both new and used games. While this sale lasts a surprisingly long time, expect to see some of the bigger name titles to sell out; make sure to head to your local GameStop as soon as possible starting this Sunday to help guarantee you’ll get the game(s) you want.

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eggbert3044d ago

do i use my money on the 2 for 1 used sale and buy a bunch of cheap used games, or do I wait for this other sale and buy Demon's Souls, Batman AA, 3D Dot game heroes, etc.

nikkisixx23044d ago

Yeah I'm in the same position, but I can't decide if I should spend money for games I missed out on or pre-order a bunch of games so I don't miss out int the future. fuuuuuuuuuuuuu money

AAACE53044d ago

I suspect some people will put away their hatred for Gamestop for the moment and pick up some of these games!

I wish I could get involved as well, but most of those are games i've already played or just have no interest in! At least other gamers will get to enjoy these titles...

ABizzel13044d ago

Well, it's time to go broke. I have everything I want on PS3, so I'll be getting Gears of War 1, Lost Odyssey, Project Gotham 3, Darksiders (might get on PS3), Batman Arkham Asylum (getting on PS3), and maybe Assassin's Creed 2.

First I need to see what the Buy 2 get 1 free has to offer.

ABizzel13043d ago

If you own a PS3 you better pick up Resistance to for 50% off (so it'll cost $12.50), and God of War 3 new for $30

morkendo3040d ago

why blazblu and need for speed shift not on that list?? rest of those games either to old or not interested in them.

dizzleK3044d ago

dammit i just bought me2 used today! i would have waited to get the cerberus network dlc. i'd just return it but then i'd have to return the free game.

AAACE53044d ago

That free game is always the one to let go of isn't it! I used to have an unspoken deal set up with some GS employees, where I could keep the free game, return the other, get the buy 2 get 1 deal again, and get extra discounts with it... aahh, those were the days!

stiggs3044d ago

"I used to have an unspoken deal".
Why don't you just come right out and admit "I used to steal from Gamestop". Don't justify your "deal" with a nonsensical spin.

Da One3044d ago

to participate in? Dammit

Brklynty13044d ago

Dammit what do I do, used game sale or power saver?!!!! UHHHHHH!!!!

nefertis3044d ago

@dizzleK Ive just got me2 and magna carta 2 awesome titles on the 360. From this day forward Im done being a ps3 fanboy, Im just going to be a gamer why should I limited myself too one platform I can have fun experience playing all systems. I dont trust that 50% off but that buy 2 and get one free is a deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.