Bungie Reveals Halo Reach Armor Variations [SPOILER It's A Lot]

"Talk about a ton of armor upgrades for Halo: Reach, I think Bungie took a page out of the Modern Warfare book by giving us a ton of things to unlock.

Previously Bungie would only show a few things here and there for what we can upgrade through the Armory, however in this week’s update they took away the blur and put everything on display."

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SixZeroFour2985d ago

utility im sure is around the waist/pelvic batmans utility belt

Conloles2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

Looks nice for a console game I guess

If it was KZ3 I would because that looks crap, I enjoyed Uncharted 2 so I highly doubt I would bash that.

HorsePowerr2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

If it was Killzone 3 / Uncharted 3 you would've bashed it to death.

tdrules2984d ago

Can't knock some good ol customisation

Corepred42984d ago

you bash everything that isn't on a pc. don't try to act like you don't. go play wow or something man, you bug. nerd it up lol

MerkinMax2984d ago (Edited 2984d ago )

What people don't realize is that these are the customizations you can see on day 1. As you progress, more become available and more become visible. So these aren't all of them.

StbI9902984d ago

LOL, conloles got so for being a console neg, two for being a fanboy.

Looking tight, but won't wait though, only halo I liked was on the original xbox, after 2, lost interest in this kind of shooter.

Darkstorn2984d ago


Calling someone a nerd on a gaming news aggregator? Seriously?

I think it's time we faced the fact that if you have an N4G account, you're a nerd. It's not something to be ashamed of, man. Better to recognize what you are than live in denial.

ALL_STAR_282984d ago

Why do people bother replying and trying to argue with "conloles"? He is a troll he does what he does to get a rise out of you people.... Ehh I guess people just can't resist.

Shepherd 2142984d ago

Like what Poison said. These are just the options available from the start. There is still many, many more options to unlock.

Corepred42984d ago

so your saying every single person with an N4G account is a nerd. Speak for yourself. Gaming is a hobby but its far from the only thing I have going in life. However from all I've heard and seen in my life pc gamers tend to be nerds. Especially the hardcore wow players.

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DaBadGuy2985d ago

If only we could have the cape, cowl, gruff Bale voice and Bat Nipples.

Blacktric2984d ago

You mean Katie Holmes nipples that we saw like 8 times in Batman Begins?

iamgoatman2984d ago

That's what you get walking around in silk shirts with no bra on, in what looked like the middle of autumn.

TheLeprachaun2985d ago

You can play as the sarge and cortana in multiplayer? :O

SixZeroFour2985d ago (Edited 2985d ago )

dont think so...they were just added character models, looks like from odst and 3

edit: thats what i thought tho, when i saw him at the end, i was like WTF? whys master cheif in there, but then noticed that the odst cast was there too, so i didnt think much of it

TheLeprachaun2985d ago

Could mean they're all playable multiplayer skins though. Here's hoping.

dragonelite2984d ago

More like firefight voices

RockmanII72984d ago

you can change your characters voice to Cortana or S117.

m232985d ago

I think those are just firefight voices.

Dorwrath2984d ago

There the fight fight voices.


They are skins for machinimas i think not for matchmaking.

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002984d ago

Customization looks good.

codyodiodi2984d ago

I know! I can't wait for the game to release.

Independent_Charles2984d ago

IT LOOKS MAD!! did you see how much money the guy had it was like 270,000 somthing. HUGE!

Convas2984d ago

The EOD Helmet looks so Beastly! Can't wait to try it on!

September 14, 2010. DAY ONE!

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