Wired Review: Crackdown 2 Stumbles With Boring Gameplay

Wired writes: "Like its predecessor, Crackdown 2 is light on storyline. You’re an agent working for a corrupt government, and your city is under attack from two different groups: a bunch of zombielike freaks and a “terrorist” organization called Cell. It’s pretty much apparent from the beginning that the agency’s goons are the real jerks (inasmuch as that fact was revealed at the end of the last game) and the Cell is the good guys, but you have little choice other than to kill them all anyway."

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HolyOrangeCows3047d ago (Edited 3047d ago )

Monotonous missions that don't let you take advantage of your abilities (like you could on the first), frustrating alone and mindless with co-op, the problems of the first and more...
I decided to stick to the first.

Hopefully Crackdown 3 is better.
Improve on missions being created with making your abilities fun and tactical to use. Perhaps a new city?

3045d ago