Halo: Reach Avatar Awards Unveiled

In its latest update, Bungie has unveiled what Avatar Awards will be included with Halo: Reach. The helmets from the five members of Noble Team are on tap for those that purchase the game and meet specific conditions.

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Blaze9293070d ago

too bad they all suck. dunno why MS made it a rule for avatar items to be so damn childish. I mean ffs, this isn't PBS kids - it's Xbox 360. Give me an AR or Grav Hammer dammit!

Kahvipannu3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Agreed, for example GeOW armors don't look right without Lancer, but hey, no guns for avis.. Home has much cooler avards/avis, and it would be cool if Sony would integrate Home-characters to PS-interface same way MS has avis. Optional ofcourse. X0-Avatars do look childish, but I like how they give more "flesh" to the users, for example friends list, makes a lot more easier to check it out with them, instead just generig little pictures/names.

But in the end this really doesn't matter much, I don't like avis bigheads, but the WWI gasmasks which I got from ToySoldiers, is damn cool, and makes my avi look bearable, so I'm happy :)

003070d ago

Just the helmets? I would like full body armor.

Kahvipannu3070d ago

I bet you have to buy it :)

The game will hopefully be awesome!

HarryM3070d ago

I'm defiantly getting this game. :)