Paul Gale Network: Kevin Cassidy from GoNintendo

Here's an article about the interactions over the year's between's Kevin Cassidy and Paul Gale.

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John007guy2923d ago

You could really see that guys beard grow over the years!

RobinGB2923d ago

yeah its a very good gaming site that covers lots of news. plus you have to love that beard! =)

makult2921d ago

I've been going to GoNintendo and PGN a lot lately. Good material

N4g_null2923d ago

One of the only true gaming sites out there. The new content out ways the flame bait every time.

JeromeRichfield2923d ago

People who flame are stupid. There really can't be a community with zero flamers? Seriously?!

Barbie64girl2923d ago

To me it's cool how often GoNintendo is updated! I can be at work or wherever, check the site on my phone and sure enough there will be some new story.

Bethany2923d ago

pgn is cool to. its my new place for multiple gaming news with gonintendo being for just nintendo news. what a good par!

hannibus2923d ago

GoNintendo! There efforts to making the site regular updated is amazing.

HiroyasuKarpovsky2923d ago

I would kill to go that Nintendo event, but anyways Gonintendo is a cool site!

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The story is too old to be commented.