NIS America Announces Three New Games

Stop the presses people! NIS America, the dudes and dudettes behind cult classics like Disgaea, have unveiled three brand new games to the world, all of which are to be released next year. In fact, one of them touts to top Disgaea. This announcement came tonight at NIS America's press event by Souhei Niikawa, producer of Disgaea and many other Nippon Ichi Software titles.

"From this year on, Nippon Ichi Software will limit the number of titles we release in a year. We are doing this to improve the game quality, and also to increase the customer satisfaction," says Niikawa before expounding on the three new titles.

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mephman3047d ago

Fantastic news, can't wait to see more about them.

yoshiroaka3047d ago

Good to see a niche Japanese developer going strong.

Hardedge3047d ago

Man I just creamed my pants. Definitely looking forward to all of their upcoming games! Especially ZHK and Disgaea >D

mephman3047d ago

I'm really curious about Cladun.

ShawnCollier3047d ago

Form what I heard AT3 was supposed to be pretty good.

Hardedge3047d ago

Yeah I'm really looking forward to it.

pippoppow3047d ago

Need more quality Japanese games. Hopefully with more announced Japanese games, there will be some gems in the lot.

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The story is too old to be commented.