Neocrisis: Codemasters new business model could solve piracy

Neocrisis: Codemasters CEO Rod Cousens is not entirely convince that DRM is the best solution for fighting piracy. Cousens proposes a new business model which would see incomplete games sold by publishers with users having to pay for optional downloadable content.

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Hanif-8763074d ago

Thats a F*cking stupid idea...i'd never buy a quarter of a game or make multiple payments for the same game that they could just fit on a F*cking disc. No wonder this hasn't been approved because its a complete garbage 5 yo niece could think of a better idea.

Bloodraid3074d ago

I saw this just now on SankakuComplex and was speechless at the stupidity of such an idea.

The best way to solve piracy would be to make 'unhackable' machines (Like the PS3 is currently).

I'm sure it can be accomplished for all future consoles, but I have no idea how you'd go about doing it for PC games. Seems nearly impossible to make an uncrackable game on the PC.