PGN review of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor

Within is a review of Sin and Punishment: Star Successor by Treasure for Wii.

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John007guy2806d ago

Finally a reviewer that says the graphics are good. you dont need HD graphics all the time.

Bethany2806d ago

whoever said the graphics were bad? this game has so much going on screen at once and doesn't slow down. i love it.

JeromeRichfield2805d ago

Good graphics for a Wii game but overall the character detail was the only low part.

Barbie64girl2806d ago

This game came out just in time for me to register it and earn Platinum status for my Nintendo rewards! Anyways, great title and old school hard too.

RobinGB2806d ago

i just started that this year and am getting that calendar. =)

MidnightGamer92804d ago

Its worth submitting the games you buy anyways. Might as Well get something free. I got punchout last year

hannibus2806d ago

This is out now! I forgot while waiting for metroid. It will hold me over til then.

HiroyasuKarpovsky2805d ago

I wish two people could be on screen at once. Like hello it's coop game! Still cool though.

GeorgeAnimal2805d ago

Maybe there aren't two people on screen at once but the action is still noteworthy like in Mario Galaxy.

AzadFujishima2805d ago

This and Mario are my gotys for 2010 so far!

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