Ridge Racer - is it overrated?

Every now and then you'll get an arcade game that takes the world by storm. A game where everyone talks about it, plays it, or talks about playing it.Ridge Racer was one of these titles. Did it live up to the hype?

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Godmars2903013d ago

When was the last time anyone even talked about it till now?

rroded3012d ago (Edited 3012d ago )

playing that game at the time it was easily the best racer of that era one of the first ta give you drifting n all kinds of racing goodies not ta mention some amazing tracks.
had every track n car unlocked n still kept playing it lol

if they remade it n put online on it in hd id def buy it again XD

sonicriderZG83013d ago

"Ridge Racer. It's Riiiidddggee Raaacccerrr!"

Quagmire3013d ago

oh god, will it never end?

ZombieAutopsy3013d ago

If anything it's under rated, I never hear anyone talk about it and it's a pretty decent arcade type racer.