PS3 having better 2010 than Xbox 360, Wii

Halfway through 2010 and it looks as the PS3 is going to have a good year, at least compared to the Xbox 360 and Wii.

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hybridtheory123070d ago

Nice sales for PS3 and Wii.

GreenRingOfLife3070d ago

Just look at NPD numbers 360 is well ahead of PS3

oh lol vgchartz no wonder

Nitrowolf23070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

"Total sales for the year to date are 7,670,727 for the Wii, 5,051,839 for the PS3, and 3,868,774 for the Xbox 360."

i do believe that part is World wide sales
See this is were it matters the most, in world wide sales not just one region.

lol Green
NPD>the world
according to the article the only system that isn't selling as much as previouse years is the 360, while the PS3 has already sold nearly 1.5 mil more, and the wii has sold nearly 2.5 (rounded up)

Focker-4203070d ago

NPD is North America only. Nice try though.

Dragun6193070d ago

So you guys wanna play sales huh.

So What happens when you combine Japan and North American sales together?

Media Create JP Hardware Sales for first Half of 2010
Wii - 960,827
PS3 - 851,156
Xbox360 - 104,564

NPD NA hardware sales for First Half of 2010
Nintendo Wii - 2,405,700
Xbox 360 - 1,924,900
Playstation 3 - 1,591,000

Wii - 3,366,527
Playstation 3 - 2,442,156
Xbox 360 - 2,029,464

PS3 outsold 360 so far this year.

Media Create Hardware Sales total of January
Media Create hardware sales totals for February
Media Create hardware sales totals for March
Media Create hardware totals for May
Media Create hardware sales totals for April
Media Create hardware totals for June

Anon19743070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

Microsoft releases their quarterly update on July 22. Sony's should be about a year later. The first quarter which covered Jan-March showed the 360 at 1.5 million (down about 12% from the year prior) versus the PS3 at 2.2 million (up 37% from the year prior).

The forecast ship figures for each company for their fiscal years is 17 million for the Wii, 14.5-15 million for the PS3 and 10.5 million for the 360. What's interesting is with the PS3 versus 360 worldwide gap at about 4 million consoles in favor of the 360 (down from 8 million at it's peak) it's very possible that the PS3 will overtake the 360 by either this holiday season or the quarter after. If each company is able to make their targets. Also, Microsoft reports shipped to retailers while Sony reports sold, so there could be a bit of a discrepancy there.

The company's are the ones with the final word on what's been shipped/sold as publicly traded company's, they're subject to having these numbers audited, unlike NPD and Vgchartz.

Hope someone finds this informative. Cheers!

secksi-killer3069d ago


another fu"king turd site.

but after npd, everyone knows the sales hating sony turds need a sales blog to make them feel better.

but its strange that sony turds hate xbox turds and say that they only love sales...hypocrisy at its finest

N4g_null3069d ago

So that's great that the ps3 out sold the xbox but when is the projected year it will get to be second again?

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darthv723070d ago

i see this as a retaliatory post regarding current sales numbers.

All the spinning to make themselves feel good would make me just throw up.

Sales goggles...get your sales goggles here...

Unicron3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

While clearly it's timing is retaliatory for NPD's numbers, and a reassurance post, it is quite funny that the "other side" of the fanboy battle is just as quick to decry the use of world wide sales since it doesn't suit THEM. Round and round it goes.

Still, VGChartz? I dunno. Then again, I'll be waiting for Vanquish as opposed to waiting to see if my console of choice sold more than the competition, since well... at this stage it just doesn't matter. No system is risking "dying."

cereal_killa3070d ago

USA=/= world wide

Poor little Muppet PP/Greenredringoflife is, doesn't realize theres than just 1 country out there in this world must be living in that delusional world of yours (360land) that only consist of NDP sales.

J-Smith3069d ago

microsoft have run out of ideas

NeutralGamer3069d ago

I love how Xbots and Droids fight over the sale when clearly Wii is the winner..

Suck it people the Wii is a clearly example that you don't need the best graphics in the world!

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Dance3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

sony already released most of their major games while microsoft still have halo reach and few others to release at the end of the year not really up to speed with nintendo lineup


@hybridtheory12 thought Littlebigplanet 2 was pushed back to 2011

hybridtheory123070d ago

Littlebigplanet 2, GT5, SOCOM 4 are really anticipated PS3 major games.

FreeFalling3070d ago

GT5 will be huge. As always, Socom will be a niche game. LBP2 has been pushed to 2011.

OT: Why can't we agree that the entire gaming industry is doing good? Why do we have to make things into flaimbait arguments?

PeterGriffinSays3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

In terms of anticipation. LBP2 and Socom 4 can't even compare. GT5 will move PS3 units, guaran-dam-teed.

LordMarius3070d ago

LBP 2 hasnt been pushed back. Link?

NecrumSlavery3070d ago

When and why was LBP2 pushed?

beardpapa3070d ago

I picture that GT5 will have this trailing effect, where people will see it demo'd at BestBuy with the wheel, then by word-of-mouth, other people will start picking up the game + system, and this will go on for a couple months down 2010 to 2011.

GT5 is a system seller. While SonyStyle still showcases GT5p and while GT5p looks boring, so far the overall impression of GT5 looks like it's greatly improved over Prologue, and that by itself may draw a lot of attention to people passing by.

Nitrowolf23070d ago

um lol LBP 2 pushed back?
wow where do you guys come up with these things
a simple google search and nothing

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inception1233070d ago

what other games beside reach do ms have? sony has had good games and successful games all year unlike ms. the only game to do good on the 360 this year will be reach all the other big games flopped in quality, sales or both.

Dlacy13g3070d ago

Did you somehow forget about Mass Effect 2? You know the game that will be in the running for GOTY by most of the mainstream press sites so far?

Also MS has Fable 3 coming this holiday and its looking very good. Fable 2 sold over 3 million so far so I think we can consider Fable 3 a heavy hitter.

Focker-4203070d ago

MASS EFFECT 2 IS NOT AN EXCLUSIVE. How many times do I gotta say it?? I can go buy it for my PC RIGHT NOW. Therefore it is NOT A 360 EXCLUSIVE.

Imperator3070d ago

ME2 was multiplat though and so is Fable 3. Halo Reach is the only good game the 360 seems to have going for it.

Dlacy13g3070d ago

For the purposes of this conversation... Sony exclusives versus MS exclusives... both Fable 3 and Mass Effect 2 are exclusive.

Again the context of PS3 vs 360 comparison.

Yes you can go buy those games on PC if you like...but you absolutely can't get them on your PS3.

He also was commenting on a lack of sales success and quality for 36o exclusives. So I was reminding him that the 360 did very well with Mass Effect 2 and will do very well with Fable 3.

Just friggin take a chill pill Focker-420.

N4g_null3069d ago

Wow so now if it is on the pc it can't count for the xbox. So you could say that the pc is in competition with the hd consoles then right? Well I think the pc wins as the hd system of choice.

The point is it's not for the ps3 which most ps3 gamers claim to not have powerful pcs and many act like their ps3 is more powerful. Lol.

Come on guys which is it? What are you in competition with? What are you going to win?

If you need the ps3 to win second overall console and 1st overall hd console then sales do matter and the thing is it's still last after all of those games you guys posted.

To mean it seems it's dead in the water and hd hardcore fans are moving out of gaming one by one as they are disappointed by their fav games and franchise.

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TheTeam063070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

LBP2 is supposedly November 2010 and Gran Turismo is their most successful franchise on PlayStation, which will be releasing this year.

They're in good shape, dude. I know you're worried, but no need.

Anyways, I thought everyone knew this? They've shown growth every month since the Slim launch and is currently ahead of the 360 for sales this year by about 1.5mil units. No need for this if you use your head, really.

bjornbear3070d ago

expect it to be PS3's biggest exclusive software sales peak ever.

blumatt3070d ago

Good try at downplaying the PS3. I give you props for effort. lol Gran Turismo 5 will be the biggest launch of ANY game this gen, probably. It WILL move PS3's without a doubt. There's so many people that have been holding out for GT5. Then there's Socom 4 and LBP2, which are both stellar games as well (just not as awesome as GT5).

bunfighterii3070d ago

Sorry but the most anticipated game perhaps of the PS3's entire life time comes out in November...


raztad3070d ago

People around here underestimate GT5. Game has an incredible selling power, both software and hardware. That is EASY to infer just looking at the sales of the "demo" called GT5P (4.8m) and the little GT:PSP (1.8m).

GT5 wont top the charts it will destroy them, especially in Japan and Europe.

scofios3070d ago

microsoft still have halo reach """ and few others to release at the end of the year"""
Please tell me witch one and don't come with multiplatforms .

J-Smith3069d ago

LoL you couldn't even name the few others

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LoydX-mas3070d ago

this info is from VGchartz. As we have been told by every PS3 fanboy on this site, "you can't trust VGchartz numbers".

RememberThe3573070d ago

I, personally, have never taken VGChartz numbers as completely accurate. But I do look at them as indicators. For instance, if VGChartz has a game sell 1 million copies I take it as in indicator that the game has sold AROUND 1 million copies.

So in this case I look at it as the Wii has sold around 7 and a half million units, the PS3 has sold around 5 million units and the 360 around 4 million.

Trroy3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

VGChartz numbers are decent. Its the articles that are hard to trust.

Since the site maintainers are sales-oriented, they tend to favor the Wii as being "the platform", and somehow extend that into the hardcore realm when they write articles about upcoming software, etc. They just ignore the 3rd party publishers when they state "Wii sucks for profits", and pretend like HW sales, and *overall* SW sales (which is good for Nintendo, but split up amongst too many 3rd party SKUs to matter) are all that matters.

They have trouble looking into the future, IMO -- understanding what 3rd party dissatisfaction means, in the long-term. Luckily Nintendo has the 1st party muscle (see: this year's E3) to keep themselves afloat, and plenty of room to grow into the "current gen", when they finally choose to.

Their numbers though... are decently close. Their guesstimates are not usually too far off.

3241104933070d ago

Has this dude even looked at the latest NPD sales? 360 just outsold the PS3 AND Wii.

cayal3070d ago

And every other month the PS3 and Wii have outsold the 360.

Surely that is not that hard to understand?

Motorola3070d ago

dude thats in AMERICA this is worldwide.....

bunfighterii3070d ago

Im not one to hark on about these numbers but as the above two said...

That's for a single month AND America only...

so FAIL!

PLAYWATCH3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )


WTF is wrong with you people???
This is getting ridiculous!
The level of stupidity here is unbelievable.

ChozenWoan3070d ago

multiple accounts.

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byeGollum3070d ago

should us games care about sales?
like, really?
we gettin' any dividends?

gtsentry3070d ago

thankkk youuuu i was wondering the same thing

3070d ago
pippoppow3070d ago

While i do think there is too much emphasis on sales this gen, It is nice to know that your console of choice is doing well. The thing is they are all being supported well so there is nothing to worry about.

I do think it is sad that MS has done as well as it has. They are not what I would want the industry to follow. Shoddy overpriced hardware, multi-player tax, small p2p games and hardly any exclusives is not a model I want to spread.

PopEmUp3070d ago

I think fanboy think they will get some of the share from the company *roll eyes*

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