Neocrisis - Magnetic 3D: Partnership with Avnet for Glasses-Free 3D

Neocrisis - Magnetic 3D, the global leader in glasses-free 3D display and 3D digital signage solutions, today announced a new vendor partnership with European digital signage and kiosks, Avnet Embedded, a new division of Germany-based Avnet Electronics Marketing EMEA. The new strategic agreement will offer a comprehensive glasses-free 3D Digital Signage solution for European companies to provide glasses-free 3D display solutions for digital signage networks.

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-Mezzo-2741d ago

cool, i hope it works well.

jazzking20012741d ago

but how much will it cost thou?

Lord_Doggington2741d ago

they use the word "signage" like it's nothing!

jazzking20012741d ago

i do not understand what u mean

Valay2741d ago

Not as good as the 3DS I bet.