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Submitted by Velius0225 1959d ago | opinion piece

Game or Gamerscore

"Am I playing games for trophies or because I enjoy them?" (PS3, Xbox 360)

theonlylolking  +   1959d ago
NewZealander  +   1959d ago
i love achievements and trophies, im currently playing infamous and collecting the trophies, gotta say they are a lot of fun in that game.

funny thing is my mums hooked too, she didn't stop playing hexic hd until she had got the full 200 game score.
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Convas  +   1959d ago
Game AND Gamerscore
Game comes first

Gamerscore after.

Can I get an amen?
viking805fan  +   1959d ago
game comes 1st of course. ill rather enjoy a game than worry about getting a level 12 with over 1000 trophies earned...psn id: viking805fan *for proof*
UnSelf  +   1959d ago
gamerscore = Xbox 360

Article shows Trophy

Article with Gamerscore in title shows picture of Trophy

Crognag confused
WickedClownPLR   1959d ago | Spam
zero_gamer  +   1959d ago
I love Trophies and Achievements (prefer Trophies), Trophies help add replay value to the game. But the core game is what really matters. If Trophies is the reason why I enjoy my games then I would've bought Hannah Montana for a cheap, easy Platinum. If you play games for Trophies, then you're more of an awards collector than a gamer.
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Myst  +   1959d ago
I used to play for trophies, but then I found out how bored I became of games that I was really enjoying. So now I've just been playing just to play and if I really start to enjoy them I'll go that extra mile. So for me it's going to be game first then maybe the trophies or whatever if I really enjoy them.
Redempteur  +   1959d ago
when i play my games i play for trophies that are in front of me ( that i can do ) i getting that trophy is so much pain i'm not enjoying the game i drop it and do something else ..i'm not gonna rage endlessly in order to "beat zico " for exemple
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liquidgravity  +   1959d ago
Im a 30yr old gamer and love to play. I enjoy going threw and taking in all the story first then i like to play back threw for some trophies. They kinda give it more replay value, and if you really enjoy it then all the more reason to play again. Anyone that likes co op or just to compair trophies hit me up with a friend invite...psn i.d. liquidgravity......LONG LIVE GAMING!!!
Sarevok  +   1959d ago
I like both! =D
gamerzBEreal17  +   1959d ago
but u will get tons more of ur game if u platinum it lol everyone i talked to said infamous was like a 6-8 a double a title a good game but not great while i thought it was one of the best games i have ever played b/c i spent so much time on it
I_HAZ_CHEEZEBURGER   1959d ago | Spam

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