Racist! A look at games accused of bigotry

Games radar pull out six other games that have been accused of racism in recent years. Read through, follow the links to get a better picture of the overall argument (not just the 'gaming' side of the debate) and decide whether there's any vindication in the accusations aimed at them.

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PS360WII3918d ago

It's just sad the fact that people find things that in no way was racist till they said something about it. Even then some of it is way to far fetched. That pokemon one... give me a break along with the Loco Roco one... ugh people these days.

coolmatrix3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )

Resident Evil 5 is the MOST racist, discriminating game ever.

Look at the video again!

This is the first game where you (WHITE military man) kill BLACK children, BLACK teenagers, Young BLACK women, BLACK mothers and BLACK men.

The US Department of Justice has been contacted for the state of California.

Sony has been contacted to see if they support this game on PS3.

Microsoft has been contacted to see if they support this game on 360.

The White House will be contacted soon!

WalMart has been contacted to see if they support this game in their stores. Other retailers will be contacted soon for their comments on selling this game.

Members of Congress have been contacted.

Make all the jokes you want. This is a serious matter and will be handled seriously.

BLACKS have been used for profit during slavery and NOW CAPCOM wants to profit from BLACK murder for entertainment. CapCom knows exactly what they are doing. They have spent money on this project and still is doing it today.

IMUS called black women NAPPY, HEADED, WHORES!! CBS did not want to fire him UNTIL advertisers pulled the plug.

Some people just cant get it. But in time they will.

The National Action Network has been contacted.

CBS News have been contacted.

Fox News have been contacted.

Newsweek have been contacted.

CapCom can do what they want. Its a free country. I can't imagine their President, executives signing off on this. This is SO HORRIBLE!!!

Take care CapCom and your supporters!

PS360WII3918d ago

coolmatrix I hope your just joking around. I'm sure you've played the other Resident Evils out there and you must realize that these games are about killing DEAD people. So you have no problem about killing all those whities out there but suddenly we have a game that's going to kill DEAD people that happen to be black and now it's not cool. uh-huh. Tell you what just turn your tv back on B.E.T. and wait for Februarys Black History Month and be quite.

lVlemphizStylez3918d ago (Edited 3918d ago )


Wow dude...Sit back and look at your BET and Black History Comment in retrospect...See how many things are wrong with it...

What is that comment really supposed to mean??? I'm a born Jamaican, I can't relate to your comment, break it down for me...I want to know where you were going with that...

Hmm if you were white and I assumed you lived in a trailer park and flew the confederate flag outside your home while listening to Country Music would that be just as out of line as your BET and Black History comment???

PS360WII3918d ago

To break it down I basically got angry and frustrated with coolmatrix jumping a bandwagon that is not present. Yes Don Imus was wrong at saying that. Yes there is racism in the world. Yes it's still a very big problem. But we still have people who for reasons only they can think of feel that anything directed at anything is indeed rasict. These would be the extrem people who follow anything towards there race and probably make stuff up to as they go with it. So when I said to turn back on B.E.T. and wait for Feb I was strickly meaning that's probably all coolmatrixs does. Unless he's joking around but looking at his comments I doubt it.

Make no mistake I mean no ill will towards any race I'm a pretty laid back kind of guy for the most part. Now don't jump the rasict band wagon because of my last part of my comment for it was directed solely at coolmatrix and no one else for I figure he just wants to watch the white man fall and those two things have very little to deal with the white man and his corrupt power. He probably has a pair of black golves that he practices his Black Pather salute with

lVlemphizStylez3918d ago

Well , alright I didn't realize it was said just to him with the accusation of him being a radical...It seemed like a general statement that's harm done

coolmatrix3918d ago

I love how white kids and young adults instantly show their prejudice.

BET this, Black history month that!

Whites are just looking for VALIDATION and CapCom gave you that.

If CapCom can do it and Microsoft, Sony, WalMart, Target, BestBuy and others sell it its OK.

White children don't know what segregation is; NEVER had to deal with it.

White children never had to be enslaved, hung on trees, burnt at the KKK cross, bombed in church, have discrimination done by JIM CROWE and on and on.

You sit back and ALWAYS say whats the big deal. Get over it!!

This is whats wrong with WHITE AMERICA especially the kids. Whats the big deal?

Read black history and current events to UNDERSTAND.

Lastly, imagine a young black student in Georgia has a white girl do oral sex on him and he is facing 10 years MANDATORY in prison.

Yes, I forgot. America isnt a racist country and neither is CapCom or the white kids spewing these comments.

Thanks for coming out of the closest. Thank you!!!

PS360WII3918d ago

Lastly, imagine a young black student in Georgia has a white girl do oral sex on him and he is facing 10 years MANDATORY in prison.

that's because he was 18 and she was underage at the rip age of 15. The law enforcements even have dubbed the vid of him in the act as child porn.

VirusE3918d ago

"I love how white kids and young adults instantly show their prejudice." This is the problem right here. You are so ignorant that you don’t even realize how racist what you just said was. Plus its Capcom not CapCom you retard.

"White children don't know what segregation is; NEVER had to deal with it."

Neither have you. How old are you? Quit ridding on the backs of the suffering of others. Just because your grand parents suffered does not mean you have any idea what suffering is kid. They would be appalled that you take granted what you have and try to “play” like you have any idea what suffering is. The jews suffered through the holocaust and that was much more recent then slavery, what color would you say the jews are? The thing is the germans KILLED the jews, they didn’t enslave them, they murdered them in horrible ways in huge numbers it’s called genocide and its much worse than slavery. The egyptions enslaved the jews and Egypt is in Africa, what do you have to say about that? Get in line and take a number kid cause I am not buying your sob story. Go to Japan and ask a Korean about racism and them get back to me. Go live in Africa for a day and get back with me about suffering. Go try to be a jew living in the middle east and get back with me.

"This is whats wrong with WHITE AMERICA especially the kids. Whats the big deal?

Read black history and current events to UNDERSTAND. "

It’s all about color and what’s yours and what isn’t. You are the racist, every comment you have made is a blanket statement, white people this white people that. You are just too ignorant to realize it. Poor me ohh poor me why I don’t I get you some French cries and a wahhhhh burger. You are talking about prejudice yet you are pre-judging ALL white kids. Way to look smart.

You talk about “black people” why don’t you go to Africa and ask a real African if he feels that African American youths suffer and you will not like the answer. It is funny how the African Americans love to speak for “black people” yet all of the Africans and European Africans I have met hate African Americans and the image they portray on them. You do realize that “black people” sold other “black people” into slavery. You do realize that black on black murder ranks at the top of the murder list. Hate has nothing to do with color it’s just an excuse people use to justify their hate.

PS360WII I totally agree with what you are saying. Rather than look at it for what it is it must be because he is black.

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ItsDubC3918d ago

Racism is a touchy subject no doubt. But there's a difference between being racist and being racially ignorant. Racism involves malicious intent, which I don't think these games have written on them.

Unfortunately, the commonality between racism and racial ignorance is that they can both be offensive to certain ppl.

VirusE3918d ago

Very well said dub. Bubbles your way.

MyNutsYourChin3918d ago

I agree that there is a difference but I also would like to add a few words.

Racial ignorance or people who are racially ignorant is not an excuse for making racist statements. We are all responsible for our own actions, thoughts, and words. In any racial slur, whether it has a malicious intent or not, there exists the potential to harm or offend another. It's our own personal duty as human beings to minimize that potential or negate it completely before opening our mouths or creating media that includes such content. Harming others it what we should minimize if we want to be a compassionate and progressive society.

teh_tourist3918d ago

rap is racist against me... can i sue def jam records?

VirusE3918d ago

That's different just like black comedians being racist towards mexicans and whites..... Dont ask me how but its different...

360Sheep3918d ago

i guess blacks have the right to be racist towards other people, but not have it directed at them... well a couple hundred years of slavery would probably do that

supnub53918d ago

locoroco and pokemon are just ridicilious, though gta, was kinda right, even if it was the gang, why did they call it "haitians".

supnub53918d ago

and Borat is very racist, did you see me suing him.

texism3918d ago

Borat is not Racist. It's racially ignorant. It uses a bunch of offensive stereotypes, but it wasn't like "Die you Khazaks. I hate you"

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