Metal Of Honor Beta Extended

The Medal of Honor beta for the PlayStation 3 and PC is being extended! If you have a beta key rave card that says the code will expire on July 18th, don’t worry – it will not.

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aviator1893045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

That's great for PC/PS3 users, but 360 owners who pre-ordered the game or have bc 2 have yet to lay their hands on it. I thought they promised it would be released the week following the original release..oh, well. It really is becoming obvious that this is the result of sony/EA relationship and it is really showing with the way the PS3 version of the game is selling. I'm not interested in it anymore. I've played the ps3 version and it offers nothing new and original. Just a mesh up of bad company visuals and call of duty-isque gameplay.

I_find_it_funny3045d ago

Yea like Xbox never enjoyed something exclusive over PS3 lol. MoH may not be groundbreaking but it;s solid, I'll definitely buy it, enjoy single player unlike MW2, and play multiplayer :).

PoSTedUP3045d ago

yup, playing it for the single player for sure. MP is ok i guess, i have a feeling the single player is going to be epic, my only big concern is not being able to go prone. i know when im getting shot at i want to hit the DeCk and this game does not allow me to do that just like killzone2 and bfbc2, totally unrealistic and lack of freedom imo.

aviator1893045d ago

Some of those exclusives were never promised to be on the ps3, unlike this situation. They clearly stated that all 3 systems would get the beta asap, even stating that the 360 version would get it only a few days after after the release on the ps3/pc. This is nothing like the MW 2 map-pack exclusive-deals where there was a known contract for releasing on the 360 an entire month before it would go on the ps3. If the beta was promised for all 3 systems at about the same time when anyone would pre-order the game or have bc: 2 in hand, they should be able to play it.

It just looks like this all taking place due to some hidden contract behind the scenes between sony and EA.

Jeff2573045d ago

Have you ever stopped to think that maybe its MS holding up the beta from being released and not EA? They could be having issues with integrating it into Live or maybe someone at MS got upset about the PS3 exclusive game and thought maybe this would help hurt the sales. Heck it could even have Activision's hand in it seeing as how they have such a big partnership with MS for the COD DLC for the next few years and they dont want MS giving that much help to their competition.

Garnett3045d ago

DICE (being childish that they are) are delaying the 360 beta on purpose, because Activision (and Call of Duty) are having exclusive deals on 360.

Well i already played MW2,so i dont need to buy black ops, and i played BC2 so no need to buy MoH.

Deathracer3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

Your not missing much, sign up for the Spec Ops: The Line beta. I'm playing it now and its pretty fun, and more enjoyable than Medal Of Honor was.

@BiggCMan - Its better than I expected. I didn't like it at first, but after I got use to it and everyone knew what they was doing its very fast paced and fun. The random sandstorms that come in add a nice little mix to the gameplay, and the cover system works really well to. Still needs some work, but nothing like Medal Of Honor does, and for being a 2011 release, I think this game will turn out pretty good.

BiggCMan3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

dude! spec ops the line has a beta already?? damn i missed that news. tell me where to sign up, please!

EDIT: nevermind, its only for xbox at the moment. man that game actually looks very promising unlike a bunch of other shooters.

likedamaster3045d ago

Feel the same way BiggC. Signed up for it on 360, hopefully I'll get in sooner than later.

Sitris3045d ago

i didnt see that haha

Forbidden_Darkness3045d ago

This isnt the first time thats happened lol

Kyur4ThePain3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

How the hell does this get approved with that headline?

Approvers should be ashamed.

3045d ago
blumatt3045d ago (Edited 3045d ago )

I can't wait to get the PS3 version since it comes with Medal of Honor: Frontlines. It's cool they're able to start using the extra space on the blu ray disc. I hope more games start adding content on the PS3 version since the space is there.
Edit: I'd love to see GTA5 come with San Andreas and Vice City upscaled on the same blu ray disc.

Jeff2573045d ago

I agree. I loved Frontlines on the PS2. The opening level was great. Cant wait to see it in HD and Im hoping for some surround sound as well. Im also looking forward to Dead Space 2 and getting Dead Space Extraction for it.

xc7x3045d ago

which game is this now?

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