EA Beats Out Activision For #1 Publisher In The Industry, Competition Heats Up. Backlash Episode 4

Activision has held the #1 publisher position for many years so far in this industry with titles such as Modern Warfare, Guitar Hero and the big blockbuster deal made with blizzard.

Now that Activision Blizzard is a reality is it really all about money that makes them the best, or has EA really stepped up after all these years and even surpassed Activision currently in this generation to reclaim the #1 spot.

In the end it’s all about the games and if this is true amongst us gamers how would you rate EA in comparison to Activision.

Check Out Backlash Episode 4 The War Has Only Just Begun.

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Forbidden_Darkness2989d ago

Wont click the link, because it HHG, but i agree that EA is better then Activision by far

FangBlade2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

Why not

You're probably right but somehow he gets all these amazing interviews.

Forbidden_Darkness2989d ago

I hate HHG and his fanboyic titles.

Ohh and all his LIES!

Mustang300C20122989d ago

Interviews have nothing to do with his lack of knowledge and ability to research what he is actually talking about. Big difference.

Montrealien2989d ago

where is Nintendo HipHop? 2009 research from Game developer research had Nintendo in the top spot. Talk about epic fail on the title...

Montrealien2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

hey Hotel_Moscow, lets wait for their next report in October for 2010 then? until now, that is the most definitive research and most recent.

evrfighter2989d ago

correctly guess who this was written by judging by title.

Don't care about the article or is another video?

just sayin

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T9X692989d ago

They both suck equally.

demonddel2989d ago

exactly now that EA is giving PS3 exclusive content those crazy birds gonna jump on EA's bandwagon now (this world and the next)

karl2989d ago

i think everyone jump over to EA's side when MW2 was release and it totally suck...

...just saying

demonddel2989d ago

or maybe when they said xbox 360 version of the games was the version to get than that piss off the crazies now Activision is now EA while EA supposedly step their game up

No Way2989d ago

You're right, his titles are 'fanboyic' but honestly what's not anymore?

And, he does talk about, and show a lot of good stuff.

jakethemuss2989d ago

I clicked source because it wasn't sunday and was ninja'd by hiphop. FU*K.

Garnett2989d ago

Thats why.. its Hip Hop Lamer, hes pro Sony and well EA/DICE are making exclusive PS3 stuff. So he automatically likes it.

Btw- they both suck.

Nihilism2989d ago

I was tricked again also...

Activision might be number 1 in profits but they make terrible games...EA on the other hand have been pumping out great games for the last 3 years and they have my respect.

When The Old Republic comes out EA's profit will double...hopefully being number 1 won't cause them to become the same kind of monstrosity that Activision has does bad thing to people.

Spenok2988d ago

Lately they have been for sure. Activision has a few good titles. But nothing like EAs.

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2989d ago
byeGollum2989d ago

EA's got a really good library, the only games I've played so far from activision are the COD games. I think ill go with EA on this one.

TruthSeeker2989d ago (Edited 2989d ago )

You beat me to it! The only products I buy from Activision anymore are Call of Dutys but that's going to stop. They don't deserve my money for the glitchfests they call games. Activision lacks what EA has and it's innovation. Some of the best multiplatform titles are coming out of EA; Battlefield, Mass Effect, Dead Space the list continues... Acti continues to rely on there holy trinity of milking; COD, The Hero franchise and World of Warcraft

Saryk2989d ago

I buy more EA games than Activision. So IMO they are better. Does that mean Activision just plain sucks, no, because I do own some of their games, just not as many as EA. However I do feel that Bioware has pushed them to this status.

George Sears2989d ago

EA has redeemed themselves this gen by actually having the guts of creating new IPs. Games like Mirrors Edge, Dead Space, Dante's Inferno, Atmy of Two are just a few of there new unique IPs.

They also have a buttload of studios that already had great IPs as well.

CobraKai2989d ago

I was surprised with EA. They became focused on great games rather than sloppy licensed crap.

solidboss2989d ago

dante's inferno was NOT a unique ip. was TOO MUCH like god of war to make it unique but other than that you hit the spot. ea is #1 because they create new and exciting ips, activision is just rolling out sequel after sequel. either its a new gh or cod

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