Sale: NCAA '11

Ex: Target is rolling out the summer deals of gaming, and EA has teamed with the super store to present gamers with $20 off any EA title after purchasing NCAA '11. Here is a full list of EA games available at Target and that are part of the deal.

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CrAppleton2954d ago

I like how we're seeing a lot of gaming deals from Target

Neco5122954d ago

Right? Where are the Walmart gaming deals?

bgrundman2954d ago

They have had a long history of being the first place to mark down the prices on games and movies, so this doesn't shock me that much.

MxShade2954d ago

It's nice to see them branch out a little as an entertainment provider. Good way to get people in their store instead of holes like Wal-Mart.

I'm curious how many people will pick up NCAA 11 and Dragon Age though.

bgrundman2954d ago

Too bad I already own all the games on that list that would actually interest me.

Neco5122954d ago

Still some sweet games on there. I don't have Skate 3 yet. Maybe I'll get that when I pick up NCAA

starven2954d ago

I was debating on getting NCAA 11 anyway. I think I just got the motivation I needed.

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