A Guide to Spotting Bootlegs, a game retailer since 1991, has written a guide on bootlegs, specifically Game Boy Advance and Nintendo DS bootlegs.

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dizzleK3077d ago

if the game is called super mario 29, it may be a bootleg.
if the label is a post-it with a line drawing, it may be a bootleg.
if you buy it from a street vendor in chinatown, it may be a bootleg.

MasterChief36243077d ago

Unfortunately for everyone out there, spotting bootlegs isn't quite so black-and-white like you're making it out to be. In this day and age, it's a lot more difficult to spot a bootleg because now you have to really investigate that item. I mean, of course there are easy-peasy exceptions, but for the most part, especially with GBA games and DVDs, to tell for sure if it's a bootleg or not, you have to do a little hands-on investigating.

I wish it were as simple as saying "Oh, that label is handwritten, so it's definitely a bootleg", but bootleggers are getting pretty crafty, so it's near-impossible to pick a bootleg out that easily anymore :P

HolyOrangeCows3076d ago

Some people sell PS2 bootlegs all of the time. Realistic labeling and everything. Almost impossible to tell the difference.

neogeo3076d ago

If it looks like a DS game, smells like a DS game and plays like a DS game its a ds game. I don't care if the game was forged in the depths of hell, if I get a great price for it.

jerethdagryphon3076d ago

im extremly cautious about anything i buy ill double and tripple check stuff
often just looking at a disc or game analytically with a few fertive glances at the seller can tell you if hes worried youll see a fake or not arsed

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Sgt_Slaughter3076d ago

You might have a bootleg copy of a game if.... the package says, "Not Playable on Wii," when it's a Mario game.

TANUKI3076d ago

I hope nothing like this ever happens to me. I take my chances on EBAY every now and then, but nothing bad so far...

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