Dead Rising Film Coming to America and Europe

GrE writes, "If you have been following the lead up to the release of Capcom’s Dead Rising 2 you will no doubt be aware of the live action zombie film written and directed by Capcom’s head of Research and Development, and longtime game developer, Kenji Inafune. The film will make it to both Europe and North America for the low, low price of free sometime later this summer. The film will be split into eight episodes and feature a full English dub (Which judging from the trailer is maybe the most amazing dub in a film…ever) as well as French, Spanish, and Italian subtitles for European gamers. In the meantime enjoy a few stills from the film and the trailer..."

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starven3049d ago

I'm not holding my breath that this will even remotely be good. Then again, maybe it'll be awesome drunk.

CrAppleton3049d ago

Have a little faith.. at least Uwel Bowl (sp?) isn't making it

ThanatosDMC3049d ago

Let's hope it'll be a good zombie movie. Diary of the Dead was incredibly retarded... cant believe i watched that crap.

bgrundman3049d ago

Game Developer + making films = disaster waiting to happen.

DeadIIIRed3049d ago

I always get excited thinking about video game movies, but then somebody reminds me how useless it is to even show interest in them

CrAppleton3049d ago

HAHA AWESOME!!! This should be freaking sweet!

Neco5123049d ago

IDK about it being freaking sweet, but I'm interested to see how it fairs

ClownBelt3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

This is gonna be like Shaun of the Dead

Depends if you enjoy Shaun of the Dead or not.

bgrundman3049d ago (Edited 3049d ago )

Is that a good thing or a bad thing?

Fair enough... to each their own.

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bebojet3049d ago

this movies looks like its gonna suck big time but if your a zombie fanatic like my brother you might enjoy it.

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The story is too old to be commented.