Eiji Aonuma Talks DS & Confirms Return of Sheik & Ganondorf in SSBB

When Shigeru Miyamoto decided to take Link into the third dimension with The Ocarina of Time, he tapped the talents of Eiji Aonuma. From then on, Aonuma has been closly tied to the world of Zelda, most recently with his work on the Phantom Hourglass. Game Informer spoke with Aonuma about his thoughts on developing for the DS and his favorite games - and even got a little Super Smash Bros. Brawl scoop.

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ItsDubC3978d ago

The Smash Bros Dojo site doesn't even mention Sheik and Ganandorf yet. Nice little slip =)

ChickeyCantor3978d ago

Now,the triforce is complete
~Darth vader


jigaman3978d ago

Great news. With Twilight Princess having Ganondorf I was expecting to read a confirmation on his return. I trust this time he won't have Captain Falcon spin off moves. As I commented in another article he deserves his own skills. And no surprise reading about Sheik's return. Great character, a little cheap, but can be beaten if you possess the skill ;). Cool news!

MACHone3978d ago

Gannondorf was a big favorite of mine in Melee. It's a load off my mind to hear for sure that he'll be in Brawl. I'm assuming he'll get his own move-set this time around. I'm also guessing he'll be modeled after Twilight's Gannondorf, since both Zelda and Link are. Hopefully, this'll mean we'll actually get to wield his sword this time around. As for Sheik, I'm a little surprised to hear she'll be returning. Since Twilight's Zelda didn't have anything to do with her, I wonder if she'll be a stand-alone character modeled after Ocarina's Sheik or a co-character like in Melee with a new character model.