Target's Summer Deals

Ex: To celebrate Target's new interactive gaming area, designed to provide guests with an easier way to browse and find information for all of their video gaming needs, guests can receive a free $20 GiftCard with the purchase of two games or accessories.

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Neco5122743d ago

Sweet! There are some good games on the list that I wanted to buy anyway

bgrundman2743d ago

Wow! There is not a single game there that isn't worth buying. It is about time they had sales on games that were actually good!

CrAppleton2743d ago

over 200 games and accessories.. hard not to find something that you'd want to buy

bgrundman2743d ago

There is one problem though... no examples of accessories are listed in the article, right? Or did I just miss it?

MxShade2743d ago

As much as I hate target's branding sometimes, it's a good store and these are great offers. Best part is, you get the card at the register when you check out- no mailing off and waiting 6-8 weeks for delivery.

starven2743d ago

Looks like I have some shopping to do.

2743d ago
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