GrE Review: MLB 10: The Show

GrE writes, "Just in time to wrap up Major League Baseball’s Midseason classic, it seems like the perfect time to put MLB 10: The Show for PSP under the microscope. Much like its predecessor on both the portable and console platforms, the title was dealing with little competition from the insurgent MLB 2K franchises. The Show had consistently hit it out of the park, never allowing the competition to come even close. So the question is has 2K made up ground, or are we once again looking at a race that truly only has one horse worth betting on?..."

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CrAppleton3048d ago

MLB the Show always has a great showing

bgrundman3048d ago

It is a great game, but this one seems kinda phoned in. With no notable new features, I thought it was a bit of a letdown.

DaRockSays3048d ago

The Show never disappoints. for shame on you!

Troll_Police3048d ago

What baseball game is better?

iceman063048d ago

Not saying that it is's just really a roster update. There are no new features to sell itself. I still love the game, but that is my one complaint.

Neco5123048d ago

Awesome, glad to hear this is good

DaRockSays3048d ago

You thought it would be anything less?

starven3048d ago

Glad to see there is a sports game that still has yet to be corrupted by the EA folks.

Father Murder X3048d ago

this did seemed kind of phoned in. Online is still laggy as hell!!

Newtype3048d ago

2K Blows compared to the show. 2K had that outfield glitch, POS right there.

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