EA Sports Now Going Over The Top With DLC

Despite the introduction of the Online Pass, EA Sports continues to try and charge for boosts and now even the ability to commish multiple online dynasties.

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T9X692954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

$15 for content that is already on the disc? Up yours EA!

Watch, next year your going to pop in an EA game, and as soon as you get to the "Press Start" screen. You're going to hit start and a window is going to pop up telling you to pay $10 to advance to the main menu. EA can keep their games, and blow me.

2954d ago
jidery2954d ago

I had no idea anyone could like cheap, greedy, men blowing you, but if thats how you roll, its cool =P

dizzleK2954d ago

bu...bu... i just gotta get my sports games year after year! /s

FragMnTagM2954d ago

That is why they need some competition.

msbabie200342954d ago (Edited 2954d ago )

they do have competition, activision lol they're competing to see who will become the biggest assholes in current gen gaming! lol

Vortex3D2954d ago

The issue with EA needs competition is the competitors will start to follow EA's strategy. If EA can make more money, others will follow.

Eventually, just about everything on the game becomes extra charge, the game disc must as well be called starter kit.

FragMnTagM2954d ago

would do the same. They innovated every year with their football series. Madden is basically the same game it was in 1998 with enhanced graphics and gimmick modes.

ECM0NEY2954d ago

I cant believe peoeple still play these games. I was over madden on n64. Played a few times on this gen. Nothing to keep me playing.

MRHARDON2954d ago

I thought EA is an idiot....but EA is just giving you an option if you want to unlock something that you an unlock if you played the game, so this is for people who just want more space and doesnt want to play the game...but if you played the game you would unlock this for free.

EA does the same for NFS, if you want all the cars and dont want to play the game you have to pay.

So play the game you get this for free :)

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The story is too old to be commented.