PlayStation 3 Complications Caused GTA IV Delay - Michael Patcher

Analyst Michael Pachter believes Rockstar has delayed the release of Grand Theft Auto IV because it is struggling with development on the PlayStation 3.

And the Xbox 360 version of the game has suffered at least a six month delay as a result, due to contractual obligations that will have prevented the publisher from releasing the game first on Microsoft's machine, says the analyst.

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Rama262853946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

I stopped reading after that. Pure and utter speculation, once again, from Pachter who seems intent on making the headlines with his comments recently.

EDIT: N4gworks4Sony, you joker lol Firstly your name and avatar clearly shows you wont have a balanced view point lol Secondly, I don't claim to be the smartest person in the world and I don't see anyone giving me that praise :D Thirdly (and lastly), I'm not telling people to do anything so if they wish to read the entire article then it's up to them! (Welcome to N4G btw!!)

N4Gworks4Sony3946d ago

YOU STOPPED READING AFTER THAT BUT WHY SHOULD other people do the same? Who died and made you the smartest person in the world? :-p

Anego Montoya FTMFW3946d ago

You look and sound like you work for MICROSOFT.

your names ridiculous, could you look any more desperate?

Razzy3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

LOL I stopped reading after "Analyst"
<-----mmmmm...speaking of anal

nuff said

xmod3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

This is the same guy who predicted Microsoft would announce a price drop at E3 (a price drop is going to happen but the timing of his prediction was way off).

BTW, in case you're curious what he looks like, he's in this video (he's the 'old guy' on this panel)

Nigglet3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

The PS3 has been holding back the 360 since it's launch. With the gimped memory of the PS3 which is only ever as wide as 256 (half the xbox 360) And the outrageously slow blue-ray drive and the fact that the PS3 graphics chip is outdated they should just drop teh PS3 version of most games.
The PS3 memory problems mean that the SPE's must constantly re-render graphics to match what the 360 does automatically, this is why PS3 games use so much space, the PS3 version of most games uses over twice as much space due to this restriction. THis is also why so many PS3 games have been canceled and delayed already.

devi8i3946d ago

The real reason is that Rockstar KNOWS they are going to make lots of money with this game, but the question is just how much money. Take Two has already had a horrible year, delaying the game release till next year still puts it releasing in the new fiscal year while ensuring that the install base of the 360 and PS3 are significantly improved. Considering they have a strong chance of losing market share to the other high profile games coming out this fall and the relatively low install base of the two systems it will release on Take Two probably felt it was in their best interest financially to postpone the release, make up some piss pore excuse other than wanting to maximize profits and rake in the money later. Releasing it a year later is not going to keep anyone who was going to buy it this year from buying it next year.

Staircase3946d ago

What other multi-platform games have been delayed on the 360 due to the PS3...?

gaffyh3946d ago

Analysts are almost always wrong, I don't think both versions would hae been delayed because of the PS3, that makes absolutely no sense, no other game has had to delay both versions of the game because the PS3 one is delayed. N4G has got a lot of people joining just to troll nowadays, sad to see such a great site be spoiled by such immature fools. :(

BrianC62343946d ago

I think I remember reading about Rockstar not being happy about having to make GTA4 work on all 360's, including the ones with no hard drive. To me that says they're struggling to make the 360 version. How do you make a huge game and not use the hard drive? It just isn't easy to do. Not if you want the game to be good. Sure Gears of War came out good but it was also very short. GTA4 isn't a short game.

madmike3945d ago


MarioFromTexas3945d ago

I think the PS3 will have additional content while the 360 version will have additional episodes coming....The PS3 version is going to 1080p 60fps with full 7.1 support. Sony is up to no good people and when that happens, it's game over. Unlike many developers that rush games to PS3, I think Rockstar and Sony have a good relationship and I'm pretty sure Sony is helping them maximize GTA, it would only make since

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Rama262853946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

"We think it is likely that Pachter is actually employed by Microsoft"

Same concept, but would you believe me?

EDIT: eLiNeS - I hope you're getting commission mate for the amount of promoting you're doing for Micro$oft. If not, you're wasting your time my friend.

eLiNeS3946d ago

all developers are having a hard time developing on the PS3. Thanks allot Sony!!! Now what are we suppose to do? Oh wait, HALO ][][][ FTW.

Xbox 360 price drop this month. Jump in!

Vavoom3946d ago

I don't believe that anything is wrong with the PS3 version of the game. I think the whole thing is corporate BULLSH!T. Sony and Rockstar recently met when they can up with the future franchise BS. During that meeting, Sony either made a request, or outright told them to delay it simply because they think it would hurt the 360 more than they think it would hurt the PS3. Knowing that a contract to release them both at the same time was already signed. By default this forces RS to hold the 360 version or risk being sued by Sony. Otherwise, why not release the 360 version now and the PS3 later since it's "BROKE"!

I mean, think about it, I find it hard to believe that Microsoft made the contract with RS stating that both versions must be released at the same time. This is something done in contract negotiations strictly by SONY. Microsoft wouldn't need to do it because it's unlikely that the DEVs are going to have any problems with the XBOX360 Version.

Once again, I think the PS3 version of GTA is fine and could have been released on time. This is a SONY & RS ploy, and it's likely driven by money. "We don't buy exclusives" My A$$! You buy anything that will give you an advantage, they how Sony is and Always had been.

Daishi3945d ago

I like to be as neutral as possible but on this subject I just can't. Do you know how ignorant you people sound just blowing this off as impossible, well let me clarify. Rockstar has already launched a few games on the 360 using the GTA engine, so they know how to make games on it already. "ALL" footage shown thus far has been running on the XBOX 360!!! Now take into account that this is Rockstars first game running on the PS3 then maybe you would begin to understand. This isn't saying "Well the PS3 is such a piece of #### that we could run GTA better on a "Game Boy" it says what it says! Somebody says something you disagree with and you instantly attack them no matter how credible it is.

kewlkat0073946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

wasn't there an article about MS and their business contract towards MS, yesterday?

I do have this sinking feeling it was because of the PS3.

I don't think it would take 6 months to fit a game on DVD9, barring minor setbacks, if that was the issue.

There was talks about framerate issues, as well and I certainly think Ps3, looking at the current games that have had some framerate problems.
Even if it is, it wouldn't be the first time, we hear PS3 with major delay issues with PS3 games. The only thing here, is it now effects the xbox 360.

You won't here Rockstar say much, since they do not wanna hurt feelings. This is a multi game. I feel bad for MS's contract. Oh well, the storm looses a little bit of punch.

All specualation.

VaeVictus3946d ago

I don't see why the 360's version would be affected by the PS3 version. I agree w/ what N'gai has to say about this. They are having troubles on the game itself. Otherwise, they would have just delayed the PS3 version. MS paid them a lot of money for the additional content, you'd think if they could put it out they would. Everyone else does that.

Kleptic3946d ago

and a few months ago it was nothing but those few comments from take two about building the game around the 360 not having a HDD in every unit...

but the 360 version is what has been shown each time now...both trailers were confirmed to be the 360 version of the does that mean the PS3 version is behind or suckingin comparison?...maybe...

either way the, it could have been either console...and both are delayed anyway...obviously Rockstar isn't too unhappy with the PS3, with apperantly two different exlusives in the pipeline now...and the 360

kewlkat0073946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

it's the PS3, because well GTA is a huge game, with plenty of followers. some that are still playing "san andreas" on the Ps2/Xbox.

I mean, imagine a big delay for just one console? Would people wait 6 long months, or would it give that console an Edge to sell more units this holiday? Of course it would give whichever a huge boost, instead of waiting, almost half a year..

If it wasn't the 360's fault(since it had only been the 360 version we have seen all along) then sucks for them, they won't steal an thunder this holiday. But it's great for the PS3 IMO, as well as it's a good thing for the game as well. after all said and done, Rockstar would of done the right thing not to release one version this holiday. Whatever the problem is.

VaeVictus3946d ago

Oh I know man. I am only putting into consideration that 1) Rock* needs the $$ (2) Other publishers have had no issue putting PS3 on the backburner (3) MS threw a lot of money a Rock*, their not going to jeapordize a breach of contract and lose that $$.

I think what they are trying to implement featurewise is more of a problem. As immersive as this game is going to be, I can only imagine this is the real reason. They likely won't specify b/c of the huge hype machine that follows this game. They don't need anymore negative press.

Mu5afir3946d ago

The Ps3 is the lead platform, I doubt it had the frame rate problems.

BrianC62343946d ago

The most likely problem is not making the game take advantage of the hard drive. Rockstar wasn't happy at all about that. They even brought it up to the press. It was stupid of Microsoft to have the 360 without a required hard drive. You need it to improve performance of a lot of games. It's like adding more RAM. Slower RAM but it helps a lot. Hopefully it won't mess up the PS3 version since all PS3's do have hard drives.

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batman2million3946d ago

..i totally agree with Rama26285 . This is just speculation.

But on the other hand, i doubt rockstar will tell anyone what the true reason b/c of the be b/c of the 360 or ps3.

StormSoldier3946d ago

i read on this dif site that the ps3 version will be done this month or next.and the xbox360 version is having trouble fitting on 1 M$ wont let it be out till xbox360 version is ready.So whos ever fault it is let it just ride out the longer we wait the better for us i hope!