IGN: Hulu Plus on the PS3 Preview

The invites for the Hulu Plus preview are going out, and IGN has one. Yes, just days after the Hulu Plus preview program went live on the PlayStation Network -- for PlayStation Plus members only -- an invite arrived in our email box this morning.

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hakis863070d ago

It's sexy looking.
Too bad Hulu isn't in my country.

GodsHand3070d ago

I am a plus subscriber, but did not recieve an invite. Other then that I don't know about paying $9.99/month and still have to see advertisements. I would not want to pay for something, that still shows me advertisements, while PC users get to use it for free, it's like I am paying for them to see it for free. I know it's still early to tell, but I do hope they remove those advertisements for the people who pay, or else I see this failing.

Nitrowolf23070d ago

i don't have plus i just gameshared it, but when i luanched Hulu i notice there is an option that tells you to put your email and they will send the invitation

rdgneoz33070d ago

Hmm, I can download Hulu Plus from the PSN+ section, but no email about the preview. The sample videos stream nicely and it looks nice in general. Eh, submitted a request for an invite while I wait.

Nitrowolf23070d ago

i can't confirm it now, apparently gamesharing has its limits on this app. It its used on another PS3 you have to wait 24hr before you can use it on your PS3 again. That is weird i hope games aren't like that to

Rumor3070d ago

paying for it shall never be experienced

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rroded3070d ago (Edited 3070d ago )

too bad about the ads tho

that n keyboard n mouse support would b nice...

guessing only plus members in the US are getting invites unless ts available in another region?

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nevin13070d ago

I could of sworn this used to be free via the PS3's browser.

what the hell happen?

dizzleK3070d ago

only sony fanboys would think paying for free tv is swell.

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