1UP | James Bond 007: Blood Stone Developer Interview

With the recent resurgence of news stories citing the formal cancellation of "Bond 23" (the next James Bond film, where Daniel Craig would be working with director Sam Mendes), Activision finds itself in a peculiar spot of timing with James Bond 007: Blood Stone. There's no movie to tie-in with, so this is basically the only, "new James Bond experience" for 2010 -- here's hoping that we get something closer to EA's excellent Everything Or Nothing rather than the lackluster Quantum of Solace.

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jazzking20013077d ago

they sure did get a interview fast

BakedGoods3077d ago

The trailer was awesome. If they can pull off a mature and dark Bond story (like Casino/Quantum) I might actually start anticipating this.

DarkBlood3077d ago

so this and goldeneye is coming out in the same year ?