New Too Human Images

Silicon Knights delivers a few new images from the upcoming Too Human.

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Funky Town_TX3915d ago

When this crappy game is done then you release images and gameplay videos.

BLACKJACK VII3915d ago (Edited 3915d ago )

If you don't like the game, then *WHY* are you here ?

All games on this website get articles, previews, & sshots B4 release. Why not this one ?

On the subject: Thx Omega Kaze, haven't seen or heard anything on this game since the lawsuit. Some of those screenshots are sick ! I hope SK gets everything right, the online co-op factor alone in this game is going to be killer.

I think this game has a great concept & some really cool gameplay elements. The new screenshots are obviously from gameplay & they look pretty good !

Omega Kaze3915d ago

At first I couldn't care less but the more I heard about it (expecially on the ign blog) the more it interested me. Its too bad there is that Lawsuit but hopefully it wont affect the development of the game too much.

And yeah I gotta say the online co-op is going to be pretty amazing.

batman2million3915d ago

why is there always some fan boy popping up and just ruining the scene.

nonetheless , i love silicon knights works. Eternal Darkness for GC was badass!

VirusE3915d ago

This game will be sick silicon knights doesn't make bad games.

InMyOpinion3915d ago

The 360 has support from many proven developers like Bungie, Bizarre, Bioware (many starting with b), Silicon Knights, Irrational games etc. I'm pretty sure all of their titles this fall will deliver.

tplarkin73915d ago

If anyone has downloaded the Xbox Live video, they know Too Human will be a great game. I hope the lawsiut between Epic and SK gets resolved so they can release the game early next year.

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The story is too old to be commented.