The Day Activision Charges to Play Call of Duty Online is the Day I Stop Playing Call of Duty Online writes: "The stage is set for what could be the biggest money-making plan in video game history: charging Call of Duty players to play online. It’s like giving out cocaine freebies a few times, and then, once you’ve produced a few addicts, demanding cash. And it will work, no doubt.

But for one gamer – yours truly – the start of a pay-to-play model for Call of Duty means the end of my playing."

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Godmars2903069d ago

Only when no one jumps on the bandwagon, when the franchise is practically ruined, is when Activision will realize they can't do whatever they want.

Forbidden_Darkness3069d ago

Not only when they stop playing COD online, but stop buying the game altogether.

FishCake9T43069d ago

COD online is the ONLY reason people play it.

WildArmed3069d ago

Except there still be people who wouldn't mind paying for COD99 even for online.
it's just the sad way people are addicted to Call of duty.

Anon19743069d ago

I really enjoyed the game and played a fair amount of MW2 online, but it's not like last time. With COD4 I played that game to death, was constantly chopping at the bit to get the latest maps. MW2 - not so much. I'm already bored of the gameplay, of the glitches, of the maps and I just have no interest in purchasing the addional map packs.

I don't know. There's just something about the online play that wasn't up to par with COD4. I moved on after only a month or so, where COD4 had me playing regularly for well over a year.

I don't think they really have anything that special that I would consider paying extra for it. They can try, but all it takes is one MOH or Battlefield game to come along with multiplayer just as good or better than COD with no extra fees and who in their right mind would pay extra to play COD?

CyberCam3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

I really hope that they do the subscription model. I really want to see what kind of suckers go for it. My reasoning is that I want to see them lose at least half or more of their fanbase and other more deserving developers obtain that audience!

Common Kotick do it! I'll sit back with my bag of popcorn & watch the show!

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deadreckoning6663069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

Me too. Too bad we will be in the minority.

"COD online is the ONLY reason people play it."

What was the point of making that generalization? Some people like the single player, so people don't. This is the reason why N4G is looked down upon by the rest of the industry. People don't think before they comment.

Also, I always hear Bobby Kotick is the worst this and hes the biggest that. How come no one blames the COD nuts that'll pay whatever Activision wants? If I were a businessman, I'd do the same thing. Why WOULDN'T I charge when I have a guarantee that many gamers will pay?

Main point: Instead of blaming Kotick for simply doing his job, blame the COD freaks who allow themselves to be taken advantage of and ruin it for the rest of us.

Chuk_Chuk3069d ago

Sorry single player are you talking about that pathetic attempt at putting together some sort of campaign. I beat single player in veteran difficulty 1st time round in 6 hours 30 mins. I like my trophies but heck the campaign was so boring and bad that i didn't even bother to go back and clean up the remaining trophies. The single player has very little replay value and is so short. Anyone who liked the campaign hasn't played enough single player games.

@the article
Why wait till then, stop now and tell them you ain't going to let them rape your wallets. So long as you keep playing this broken game they will think its acceptable and will keep ripping off.

UnwanteDreamz3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

"Main point: Instead of blaming Kotick for simply doing his job, blame the COD freaks who allow themselves to be taken advantage of and ruin it for the rest of us"

Am I allowed to blame both? Seriously why would I only place blame on the enablers? Kotick isn't only doing his job. The way he comes accross in the media matters. It is called public relations and it is part of his job to try to NOT bring negative attention to Activision.

Chug3069d ago

There's probably enough people out there that would pay to play and make it successful.

jadenkorri3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

can i ask for my money back, like for those map packs i bought, let alone the game... Theres other games that are online, MAG, BC2, killzone 2, which are all free.

And i hope they get the biggest kick in the a$$ if they start charging and i hope it fails... but then again we all thought xbox live would fail, look at how successful that stupid thing was, now sony's jumping on the bandwagon. And i dont know how 1 company with 1 game will work.

blumatt3069d ago

Me too. I'm already done with Call of Duty. I'll play Cod4 until the servers are shut down and then I'm done. I'll play Killzone 3 and any other shooter I feel better than Cod, which is most of them. Of course, I'm getting very tired of FPS games anyway. Bring on my GT5 soon!!

crematory3069d ago (Edited 3069d ago )

call of duty even thou they charge online , i know some people they eat sleep,work COD (COD ITS A DISEASE)

animboo3069d ago

is the day i quit playing mw2, or any activision game, then i'm gonna sell it.

RumbleFish3068d ago

I stopped playing CoD and buying CoDs when I realized that they do nothing against glitches in CoD [email protected] R.I.P CoD! Never again!

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Agent Smith3069d ago

Way ahead of you son. I already stopped playing CoD online after 4.

Unicron3069d ago

Me too. MW2 having the SAME issues as CoD4 sealed it for me. I care not for this franchise any longer.

Pity, it controlled great.

psman0123069d ago

Yep. Me too. I play 4 ONCE in a while, and I still havent gotten MW2. I am not counting on it either.

ThePimpOfSound3069d ago

I think there's no way Activision charges for COD online. Unlike WoW, there's just not enough to do within the multiplayer to justify a subscription. Also, a lot of part-time gamers come out of the woodwork for Call of Duty. I doubt they'd sell so many units if the multiplayer carried an extra cost.

AliTheBrit193069d ago

Yeah thats pretty much all of us

The sad thing is I can see it actually happening

MrAwesome3069d ago

Is the Satan of video games.

kanetheking3069d ago

he just got loads of ppl a game to make money u know hes job what ur job let me say how good ur doing it but in a bad way.

if he could make more money from stupid ppl well i would do that's are hobby but at the end of the day it's a business.

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