Best Kinect Games

Squidoo: Kinect is the new upcoming motion tracking device made for all Xbox 360 versions. This new type accessory for Xbox will provide a whole new experience for all Xbox users. First title of this device was Project Natal but now it is titled Kinect.

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jazzking20012837d ago

i would rather have something physical in my hands than just using my hands

ElementX2837d ago

Your comment made me chuckle because I have a dirty mind.

Forbidden_Darkness2837d ago

Even though i dont own a 360, I (HEART) Skittles


Valay2837d ago

If I had to choose, at this point it'd be Dance Central.

yanseo2837d ago (Edited 2837d ago )

Personally I think this hub - has a more complete list of Kinect Games