Five Reasons We Need Killer Instinct 3- Gameplaybook

C'mon, Rare, get with it. Gameplaybook breaks down the five top reasons why we absolutely need Killer Instinct 3 for Xbox Live/Xbox 360.

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D4RkNIKON2870d ago

To be perfectly honest with every one.. I would love to play Killer Instinct with Kinect. I am not ashamed.

Nihilism2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Why?....honestly, what about Kinect would make playing a fighting game easier, playing fighting games is hard enough trying to get the combos when you have to move your fingers a few centimetres....when you are using imprecise motion detection that will won't pick up on small twitches, it would be a $#!+ tonne harder.


We don't need 5 reasons, Killer Instinct was an amazing series, it is long overdue.

captain-obvious2869d ago

I for once don't want a new KI even though I did love the old ones

why I don't want a new KI ??
because knowing RARE they'll Fuck it up just like every last game they made
it'll be midcore so I don't want a new one cus I know that they'll fuck up a classic and I don't want that to happen

Baka-akaB2869d ago

people will hear what they want and chalk it up to anti 360 bias , but i'm not fan of the idea either .

Why ? because like i repeated a few times , the current Rare doesnt have the same directors , designers , programmers , than the one of old , the Rare we loved .

The cureent team might still be more talented than most studio , i still dont theysee do their older franchise justice .

Spenok2869d ago

Those are pretty much my thought exactly. I even said them in a post some time back...

silvacrest2869d ago

LMAO, kinect is not capable of picking up the motions needed to perform combos

Like d4rk said its hard enough to do it with a contoller so you might as well
get motion controlles out of your mind right now

anyway, i hope rare do it soon, they need to get their hardcore roots back

MorganX2869d ago

Killer Instinct yes, Kinect No. I want to actually enjoy the on-screen action and animation which I can't do if I'm jumping around punching and kicking like a fool.

I go outside for a workout.

But yeah, we need Killer Instinct! Hopefully MS won't try to hold us hostage my only making it for Kinect. If they try some BS like that ... Well, they'd be better of not making it at all.

colonel1792869d ago

In the video shown on the site says that Killer Instinct is a trademark of Nintendo. Does it mean is owned by Nintendo?

Daver2869d ago

Killer Instinct 3 would be awesome!

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Urrakia342869d ago

I've been praying for another Killer Instinct since the PS1 days. It's just such a great series that was very under-rated and could be best described as a cult classic. Killer Instinct is without a doubt the BEST fighting game I have ever played, with The King of Fighters '98 and Marvel vs. Capcom. Please Rare give us Killer Instinct 3!!!

iceman062869d ago

BUT I will say that it is the most original fighting game that I played in a LONG time. The combo system was insane and pretty deep for the time. I can remember carrying copies of printed combos into the arcade (did i just date myself) to try to get my game up. Man...those were good times. I miss arcades. Although, I guess now I might seem a bit pedo-ish to show up in one wanting to play a game...oh well...I still have my memories! *LOL*

PSjesus2869d ago

Now they Just making avatars and Skittles,what a waste of talent!!

Mkai282869d ago

$m is using rare for other things like avatars,clothes and kinect. In anycase most of the devs that did killer instinct are probably gone and moved on. If they made a new killer would it be good in this day and time?

Skizelli2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat have come a long way since the 90's. I don't see why Killer Instinct wouldn't be able to, so long as they kept the feel of it. As an MK fan, I've waited an eternity for the series to return to its 2D roots.

MorganX2869d ago

You make a good point. Does Rare still have the culture. After all these years never recreating the magic. The original talent long gone, and years under the depressive MS culture.

Good question. We won't have an answer unless they produce a product.

neoandrew2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I'm waiting for KI3 since... ever!!! Best fighter ever! and it was on guaranteed games list for xbox360 on the box when it was first released (do u remember this list? ), so sooner or later it must be CREATED and i MUST BUY IT.

And i always use fulgore as my avatar on every site i have account.

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